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Learning over summer. Any good on line courses?

This may sound strange but over summer I get rather bored and to be honest I don't want to let myself get lazy so I want to try and learn some stuff. I have looked on line and saw there is some pretty good sites such as khan academy, which have free courses on line. I was wondering if anyone knows what the best one is?It would be preferable if they have courses in Sociology and other social sciences as that is my area of interest. Also I don't just want videos to watch I quite like being given some work. Yes I know this is quite a odd request but I just hate coming back after summer and struggling with remembering my own name never mind anything else.

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    May 12 2013: Check Coursera. They offer lots of courses, including social science ones, for free and assign quizzes and homework. There is also a discussion board.

    So it is much more interactive than a Khan academy
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      May 12 2013: Thank you have had a look at it it looks great.
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        May 12 2013: I like edX better, but Coursera has many more courses.

        Some people favor Udacity.
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    May 13 2013: Do you wan to learn a foreign language?Such as Chinese.^_^
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    May 13 2013: Hey Kristie,

    They are many online courses. you can go through Coursera,edX etc which provide courses related to different fields. you can go through them according to your interest.
  • May 13 2013: Two good suggestions below. But being in a University town you should be able to find interesting things to do.
  • May 13 2013: Might look for social work volunteer opportunities over the summer to get some understanding of the field to guide your education choices.

    Here is a website with some additional classes if you are interested.