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True legitimacy comes from others regarding what we created. Best recognition we can get to is recognition we'll give to ourself.

In our modern narcissistic society a big misunderstanding at work can lead to harsh motivaional issues. The misunderstanding is about legitimacy and recognition. About legitimacy, getting to a manager position or director, can give us the impression that we are almighty because we give ourself legitimacy to command through our position. That's a big mistake : true legitimacy will be given by the people we are working with regarding our results, commitment and hability to build strong relationships.

About recognition, employees' expectations are getting bigger and bigger. Recognition is given but is not sustanaible as it'll have to be provided day after day, all over again. The best and most sustainable recognition we can get to is recognition we'll be able to provide to ourself regarding our past achievements.
It's not self-righteousness : it's just taking time to have a look back at what we made so to endure hard-times more easily.

Legitimacy is given by others and is headed to the future.

Best rescognition has to be given by ourselves and is headed to the past.


Closing Statement from Laurent BOGHOSSIAN

Here's a video that could summarize my thought. This is the reenactment of the presentation I gave at 3rd International Congress for coaching psychology, May 16th-17th, Rome. I hope you'll enjoy. I called it 'New rules for legitimacy and recognition at work'. http://vimeo.com/68435283

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    May 14 2013: Hi colleen. My idea was about the fact that often we fill entitled to do things because we think we have good experience and diplomas to do so. This is self-legitimacy. In professional environement, self-legitimacy is difficult to implement because it is perceived as self-righteousness. Nowadays, any manager will get their legitimacy to command from their employees. To summarize : one can't say 'I'm the chief because I have diplomas'. True legitimacy to act will come from the employees throughout the manager's results. About recognition, we can't expect to have someone besides us day after day to tell us how good our work is. That's the reason why working on self-recognition about ourachievements can help us to be kind and honest about ourselves on a daily basis. Which is a sustainable recognition. Thanks for your comment ;-)
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      May 14 2013: Hi Laurent,
      This seems to go back to "know thyself"....be clear in ourselves and we reflect that clarity to others. Before we can be clear with others, we need to be clear with ourselves. I agree....it makes no sense to depend on others for recognition. It is important to recognize all aspects of our "self" for sustainable recognition, which contributes to kind and honest interactions with ourselves and others. That feels like authenticity to me. Whatever we choose to call it, I believe it is an important element to nurture in ourselves and support in others:>)

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