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What can we do? - an open letter to teachers - promoting the flipped learning

As Sir Ken Robinson ended his talk with Benjamin Franklin's quote , "There are three sorts of people in the world: Those who are immovable, people who don't get, they don't want to get it, they're going to do anything about it. There are people who are movable, people who see the need for change and are prepared to listen to it. And there are people who move, people who make things happen."

Lets be the type of people who move. Instead of questioning "why has the education system not changed yet?" or " why didn't the government take any initiative to change?" , I believe we should act within our circle of influence. It is the question of "What can we do about it?" What can we do about our education system? How can we improve it as students, teachers or parents.

As a student myself, I've been working on promoting the flipped learning , as I believe it is one of the first steps in progressing ourselves for change. Here is an open letter to teachers out there, http://faizulzuraimi.blogspot.com/2013/05/an-open-letter-to-teachers-my-name-is.html

and do visit my blog as well: faizulzuraimi.blogspot.com

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." as mentioned by John Dewey , one of the figures in Progressive Education Movement in the late 19th century.

Perhaps we too , can be one of those "movable people" .Perhaps there shall be a Digital Age of Progressive Education Movement. It all begins with one simple question , "what can we do?"

I would love to see your opinions :)

update (5.6.13) : http://faizulzuraimi.blogspot.com/2013/06/education-is-everyones-business-do.html


Closing Statement from Faizul Zuraimi

Thank you all to those who participated in this conversation and those who took the time to read and visit my blog. I've learned a lot from dialogues with you guys , the TED community, and I'm really glad that some of you sent me emails , articles and ebooks to help me in this cause. This is the first time I ever hosted a conversation on TED. Your comments and support are my inspiration and I'm looking forward to host another conversation in the near future, perhaps when I'm done with my exams. :)


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  • Jun 10 2013: some teachers are doing something about it. We make changes and developments every year to enhance our provision of an insopirational creative environment.. We encourage children to think and express themselves in their individual style. we believe in creativity, fun, relevance, sharing thinking and learning. we encourage children to find and use their voice. we believe education is a partnership, we learn from eachother.
    in reference to the videoes of TED talks you have listed:-
    we do not dwell in death valley.
    we are not a failing school
    we use video, the children make their own. we use drama, music, play, investigation, problem-solving and link different intelligences within an activity, ie music and dance to practise questioning skills or concentration in PE skills, scenarios for communication and listening skills, questioning and communication to discover electric circuits.
    Our children that teach themselves and eachother and us. we evaluate teaching together too.
    our children take charge, plan the term each term. they also plan a sequence of lessons and theire activities within lessons.
    When we were last inspected, we were rated outstanding.
    It took a while for the team to understand the methodology behind the teaching and learning, but i pinned them down and didnt let them go til they got it.
    take risks
    believe in yourself.
    If they are all on task, all having fun, all talking about their thinking and learning, and go out at playtime talking about it, thats agood sign. if they remember it a year on, and want to do more of it, then i think your winning!
    ask the children. theyll tell you honestly how your teaching rates. They know.
    I am looking hard for anyone who has ideas for thinking and learning throught roleplay and scenarios. So far, ive made up my own and others ive seen in the business world such as hospital or disaster contingency planning role play so staff experience what a real situation may be like. Ideas please?
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      Jun 11 2013: It's great to know some teachers are doing something about it(those who move) , but still , not many people do . For example , in my case here in Malaysia , the Malaysian education system is centered on memorization rather than mindfulness , besides too much emphasis on exams. On top of that , they don't teach us any thinking skills , i learned critical thinking by myself through coursera. however, I think the good news is that i think many people share the same sentiment on the education system(the movable) , and that's why i'm doing my part as a student , hoping to get more people to take action. I'm sure your students are lucky to have teachers like you , and I'm sure we can have more teachers to do the same thing as you are doing , creating an ideal environment for learning,not cramming information in for exams.
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      Jun 11 2013: Rachel, many teachers who participate in TED Conversations note that popular assumptions about what goes on in classrooms are often not correct. Your experience that many classrooms do not fit the commonly assumed mold is the same observation I have made.
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      Jun 11 2013: Rachel....where do you teach? I'm moving there and asking for a job!! ;)

      I think that visiting the different teacher blogs is a great resource to begin looking for ideas.
      You can search through them by grade levels.
      Have you tried that?

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