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What can we do? - an open letter to teachers - promoting the flipped learning

As Sir Ken Robinson ended his talk with Benjamin Franklin's quote , "There are three sorts of people in the world: Those who are immovable, people who don't get, they don't want to get it, they're going to do anything about it. There are people who are movable, people who see the need for change and are prepared to listen to it. And there are people who move, people who make things happen."

Lets be the type of people who move. Instead of questioning "why has the education system not changed yet?" or " why didn't the government take any initiative to change?" , I believe we should act within our circle of influence. It is the question of "What can we do about it?" What can we do about our education system? How can we improve it as students, teachers or parents.

As a student myself, I've been working on promoting the flipped learning , as I believe it is one of the first steps in progressing ourselves for change. Here is an open letter to teachers out there, http://faizulzuraimi.blogspot.com/2013/05/an-open-letter-to-teachers-my-name-is.html

and do visit my blog as well: faizulzuraimi.blogspot.com

"Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself." as mentioned by John Dewey , one of the figures in Progressive Education Movement in the late 19th century.

Perhaps we too , can be one of those "movable people" .Perhaps there shall be a Digital Age of Progressive Education Movement. It all begins with one simple question , "what can we do?"

I would love to see your opinions :)

update (5.6.13) : http://faizulzuraimi.blogspot.com/2013/06/education-is-everyones-business-do.html


Closing Statement from Faizul Zuraimi

Thank you all to those who participated in this conversation and those who took the time to read and visit my blog. I've learned a lot from dialogues with you guys , the TED community, and I'm really glad that some of you sent me emails , articles and ebooks to help me in this cause. This is the first time I ever hosted a conversation on TED. Your comments and support are my inspiration and I'm looking forward to host another conversation in the near future, perhaps when I'm done with my exams. :)


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  • May 18 2013: What an coincidence,I am trying to use technology to motivate flipped learning:teachers,students can all join in together to make their ideas with technology in one or more minutes to spread around.more or less like ted,but not talk as much as ted does,more than pics,music and design idea,words do...you know it is better as many as people can join in together.the more people the more vivid and colorful...

    I just try to spread the idea around my place,didn't have further action about it.Could you guys share with me yours?I do appreciate a lot:).
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      May 18 2013: Wow , you know , it really feels great to meet someone who wants to do the same thing! I've learned a lot on how to bring the idea of flipped learning forward after receiving emails from helpful people in this TED community. If you have read the open letter i posted http://faizulzuraimi.blogspot.com/2013/05/an-open-letter-to-teachers-my-name-is.html , I'd made presentations on MOOCS and Khan Academy to give a hint on the flipped learning. All I wish for now is an opportunity to make a presentation on the flipped learning, without appear as if I'm trying to act like a person who knows everything. As for now, I'm spreading the idea on a Malaysian forum , hoping that more Malaysians will agree with the idea of flipped learning :)
      • May 19 2013: Lol,yes,How happy to meet you guys doing the same thing in teaching:)I watched Bill Gates's talks in TED.I being a teacher,doing the same idea he mentioned.
        That's pity I can't open your blog website.lots of abroad websites I can't access.Khan Academy website is extremely slow for me to access.
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          May 19 2013: Wow , so do you find his idea effective? :D oh , that's unfortunate . But perhaps you can visit it when you travel overseas :) . Btw , feel free to share your experience and some interesting ideas on teaching if you like. I'm interested to know!

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