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TED 2.0. Replace "Entertainment" with "Education" in the TED name.

I, thankfully, see very little discussion about entertainment and plenty about education here on TED Talks and Conversations.

Closing Statement from edward long

Based on the number of respondents this is not a hot topic as of mid-May 2013. Perhaps the Education focus is a trend and Entertainment will displace it in the furure. But for now Education is Everything! The response was unanimously in favor of the idea.. . all three TEDsters said, "No More Entertainment!"

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    May 14 2013: thank you for your kind reply Lizanne!
  • May 14 2013: !!!
    I thought it already was educational!
    You have my vote, for sure.
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      May 15 2013: RE: "OK, so who do we approach. . ." After this closes I will email TED Conversations staff with the suggestion.
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    May 13 2013: morning Edward. I am a relatively new member to TED. When I first investigate the site and found the acronym E stood for Entertainment I thought it was similar to a whole hosts of sites I chose to spend no time.

    I am thankful I did more exploring! I have been introduced to more thought provoking ideas and learned more from the Conversation participants, to the point at times my minds is reeling and I have to take a walk to clear my thoughts ! It' simply wonderful !

    You have my vote. How about Educational ?
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      May 13 2013: Welcome to TED Conversations Mary Ellen! A reeling mind is preferable to a sluggish mind, and bracing walks are always a good idea, even in the rain! Whatever form the word is given I think it is time to demote Entertainment in favor of Education. Right now it doesn't look like TEDsters are too interested in the idea. We shall see what we shall see! Thanks for stopping by!
    • May 14 2013: Explore is a good suggestion, Mary Ellen...
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