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The IRS admits up to targeting groups

This week the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) admitted that they targeted any group that had "tea party, conservative, or patriot" in their titles since 2010.

The director of the IRS told Congressional Committees under oath that this did not and was not occuring. In a news release today the spokes person said yes it had occured but it was not politically motivated. Now thats funny.

Congress spends the majority of its time in hearings about stupidity in government.

Congress spent months on interviewing the Cllintons about events that they swore under oath they denied or had no knowledge of ... and the next year wrote books about the very events they could not recall for a hearing.

So here is the question: Should ANYONE who lies to congress under oath be held accountable ... or are the laws just for the little guys as the elite goes free and reaps rewards in speaking tours, books, profit from insider trading, etc ...

This happens across the political board ... example was a well known event.


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  • May 12 2013: Al Capone and the Mafia. Capone went to jail. No one you are concerned about did. Seems pretty sensible to me. What are you unhappy about? I think it was good that they got Big Al who killed people.
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      May 12 2013: George, I am a little slow today. Does your comment say that its ok for p[oliticians to be corrupt ... or even that we expect it and accept it. You say "the people I am worried about" shouldn't we all be worried about corruption at any level by all people. Capone had great sway in the Chicago area ... but a stupid / currupt politician can affect the whole country. Makes Capone look like small pickings. Yep Capone killed people but so do wars, and stupid decisions on a national scale.

      I hope I misunderstood your reply. Bob.
      • May 13 2013: No I just meant it didn't seem like a big deal, and we still don't know if it was political and to what degree. I also am not still convinced that corporations are people that Roscoe Conkling sold that to the Supreme Court may be a good or bad thing.
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          May 13 2013: George, I guess I am really slow today .... If I told you to target any group that had "teaparty / conservative / patriot in their title" what would be the common factor in those titles .... who would you start the watch on?

          Today is Mothers Day and we had a crowd over ... just on the off chance that I am over thinking this I ask my grandkids .... the older ones immediately stated what the common factor was ... everyone down to the 6th grade got it right ... Republicians.

          George you are a much kinder person than I am for not associating these groups with the Republicians, that it was not political, and that the Agency chief lied to Congress.

          About the SCOTUS ... after they said that Obamacare was a tax ... I have no faith in any of their decisions. I admire the founding fathers for writing a Constitution was well that it always has the SCOTUS voting along party lines 200 years later ... but there is no politics there. Good one George.

          Any time a federal agency targets a Party (either / both) it effects elections, rights, and stinks to high heaven ... no big deal George .... I disagree.

          Just one last thing why did this not make the 6 o"clock news anywhere? Wonder what else has occured that we are not YET aware of.

          Thanks for the reply George. I wish you well.
      • May 13 2013: Simon Bolivar did wonder if we could always be the kind of people we aspire to be.

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