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How to support creativity in problem solving?

Hi everybody,

I recently wrote an article on how I try to support creativity in my process of problem solving.


I was hoping this could be the start of an interesting discussion around the question "How to support creativity in problem solving?"

I am quite sure there are many ways for supporting creativity because I believe every person is able to be creative, but is not always inspired to use it.

I am looking forward to hear from you :)



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  • May 12 2013: I agree that making the problem more interesting is a viable way to foster creativity in problem solving. I also think that group problem solving is also a way to foster creativity.
    As an Outdoor Educator, I spent a class in a semester of college playing team building and initiative games. When my class was most successful our problem solving activities were initiated by a natural leader in the group, who may or may not have had the idea to solve the problem. The leader provided a forum where ideas from group members were considered with equal weight by the entire group.
    Only about 50% of our group took turns leading and everyone had a different leadership style.
    Because of this technique, one marginally effective idea could be turned into a 'winner' by another member of the group. We could use each others' creativity to feed our own and effectively solve the problem.
    Also during the semester, we took turns facilitating other groups that were not as functional. There was a breakdown in communications. Some shy members of the group would implement effective strategies without being noticed by the rest of the group. This meant that they weren't being acknowledged, but also that the rest of the group wasn't implementing good ideas.
    From this experience, I learned that leadership fosters group creativity and that leadership could be taught and fostered in people and in groups, but it was most effective when it was practiced regularly.

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