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Is There Still a Need for Feminism in Modern Society?

I have read many blogs on the subject and have attempted to have conversations with my friends/family about the topic but some people have a warped image of feminism and some believe that it is irrelevant.

Yet 'slut shaming' is practically expected, the word 'girl' a common derogatory adjective. My friends and I are sexually harassed in the street and upon saying how I'd much rather a promising career and inner city flat to having children I am often met with confused looks; when expressing my desire for a PhD the phrase "that'll take up some prime baby-making years" has come up multiple times. My friends and I are scared to venture out into the streets at night for fear of being attacked. Then in this world of rape culture not being taken seriously or being insulted during the process. Misogyny is everywhere, from ignorant remarks to social expectations.

The website rookiemag.com has some brilliant articles, written first hand by young girls and some guys on feminism, I have tagged a talk given by a regular writer for the website. Also the blog whoneedsfeminism.tumblr.com had points from both genders.

I can understand where the opposing side is coming from. In Western society many restrictions set in place for women are demolished, I just want to know your thoughts on the subject.


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    May 28 2013: Would you be against getting in a fist fight with a man? True equality is something most feminists say they want, but really do not. True equality would get rid of the "never hit a woman rule." You do not want that. I have no problem with women wanted to be independant, successful, powerful, influential or anything. Women have every right that men do. What I do have a problem with is when feminism turns into "Men are all pigs, I can hold my own door open, all men are rape machines, I am not just a baby making machine." Things like that. Now, I am not entirely sure that we live in a "rape culture", but that is still a very horrible and unfortunately common occurrence. Biologically, men are built stronger and larger than women, that's not some socially constructed idea, it's nature. That has evolved into the common "men are better" ideal because in the earlier stages of humanity, strength was the biggest part of success. If you were strong, you ate better, lived better and so on.

    As I stated before, I quite enjoy seeing women strive to become successful. It's healthy and inspires a sense of warmth. But when it gets pushed so far left that these women start aggressively tearing down anything resembling (even accidentally resembling) a stereotype just to show how independent they are, it gets annoying. I think the very existence of feminism is a bane to its cause. If women want to be treated equal, then having more women gather to shout about it doesn't help. It doesn't need a title, it doesn't need a battle cry and it doesn't need propaganda. In my mind, nothing promotes the female gender as equals more than a woman who worked hard to be successful. Without putting labels on it.
    • May 31 2013: I don't think you really understand feminism. First off, this "never hit a woman" phrase is largely ignored, just look at the stats on abuse/assault of women. So this "rule" really doesn't exist in reality. Second, feminists don't want men to hit women, but they also don't want women to hit men unprovoked. Feminists don't support physical violence against anyone. Fist fights, unless in the context of a boxing match or something of that nature, are just ridiculous and really not relevant to this topic. To sum up, men DO hit women and feminists don't approve of any unprovoked violence, whether its a woman hitting a man or a man hitting a woman. Gathering is helpful to the feminist movement, it is easier to make substantial change as a large group with numbers rather than as an individual. Part of the feminist cause is to remove blockades that historically have made it much more difficult for women to be successful in comparison to men. Peoples way of thinking needs to change before real progress is made in any movement. Without the work of previous generations of feminists, it wouldn't b as possible for women to have the opportunities to work hard and become extremely successful. the whole "I'm not a baby making machine" comes from men and some women insisting that women must stay home and raise the family, so if people didn't think in such an outdated way to begin with then no woman would be saying that. I do think we live in a rape culture where the victims are blamed for their attack based on the way they dress, what they were drinking, their number of sexual partners, all of which have nothing to do with a woman being raped. The public often sympathizes with the rapist, in a "poor him his whole life is ruined now just because of one night" sort of way
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        Jun 11 2013: I don't think you really understand feminism. If you want to look at stats/figures ... take a look at any of the usual points that are brought up to disprove feminism's claims for "equality". Men die earlier/ retire later, more likely to be injured or killed, have far less money spent on health research/care, get longer prison sentences for the same crimes, commit suicide at a much higher rate ... yet feminism has done nothing to deal with any of this benevolent sexism so that women are treated like men.

        Slut walks happened around the world in protest against the comments of one police officer. Yet not one march has happened in response to any of the number of false rape accusers you see in the press these days - the fact that these women, while ruining the lives of their victims, contribute to the problem of real rape victims feeling they won't be believed just isn't worth marching or complaining about for some reason. Now why would that be?

        The best thing I've found with feminism is to ignore the rhetoric and see what they actually do. Take, for example, the campaigns/demands for quotas in positions of power, whether in government or business. I find it very odd that there is no equivalent demand for quotas across the board of employment. Why are feminists more than happy for just men to carry on doing the most disgusting, difficult and dangerous jobs around the world? Where are the female quotas in construction, sewerage, power etc? Shouldn't we be getting more girls into these jobs?

        Let me guess - you support things like the posters which say "teach men not to rape". Try this - there are mothers around the world who have killed their children - let's plaster everywhere with posters saying "teach women not to kill babies". No? It's unfair to judge the majority due to the actions of a minority? Really?

        As for feminists and physical violence - you really need to review feminist history - violence is celebrated .. as long as men are the victims.

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