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The creation of more "civic journalism" web sites to facilitate the spreading of news and dialog of the news.

When "news" is democratically empowered, all citizens have the ability to share what they think is news.

The free market can then like it or reject it. But is is always AVAILABLE, because no single sector can control the spread of democratically empowered news distribution.

What if we created web sites specifically for that purpose ... and many of them?

Would we then have created the mechanism to democratically empower news distribution and, consequently, bypassed selective distribution?

Is that not the ultimate CROWDSOURCING of the news?

Share YOUR ideas about crowdsourced news ... and YOUR favorite site, if you have one.


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    May 16 2013: bob I'll have to think about the Shirky idea. It's conceivable to me that not as many people want to do journalism as want to do cat photos, journalism is little more "intellectual," takes more time and effort. But I'm not sure, Shirky's idea is a new one for me. If your convo doesn't close, or you can hit "edit" and add more time, I'll get back to you with whatever I come up with.

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