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Does science take away the 'magic' in life?

It seems in today's society we know everything from atoms to what caused life. But does this take away the 'magic', the passion, the wonder in life. for example, if you were to watch a sun set, we are told it is formed because of gravity's pull and the rotation of planets compared if we did not know the function we would simply stare in wonder. I am not saying science is bad but that it turns our view of our surroundings into a mechanical engineering system, a system relying on statistics and data only. making our world cold. religion has often been denied by science the belief in God since the enlightenment has made church attendance at a all time low. So should we go back to the stone age and stop innovation? of course not however, does science take away the 'magic' in life? if so, should we embrace it? what steps should we take to preserve the 'soul' of life?


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  • May 11 2013: Through all sorts of media, products and established ideas we are constantly seeing new innovations in our society. science has taken over court cases and even moral issues, it seems to me that science has become the new truth and thats how we are being told to think in the same pattern.

    In addition maybe it is not only science that prevents this 'magic' but in total logical thinking, what should we pay attention to more, our spiritual side which allows us to feel with out knowing or the controlling calculative side, a side not always considered the best?
    • May 12 2013: Why one or the other? I use both my left hand and my right hand.
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        May 12 2013: I agree Barry....I use ALL available information. Nothing can take away the magic of my life exploration and experience. There is ALWAYS more to explore and learn....or not.....depending on one's perception:>)

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