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How can teachers incorporate creativity in their classroom?

Creativity can inspire students to learn new content through a creative outlet. Classroom teachers have a constant struggle between teaching content and incorporating creativity into daily instruction. Often state standards limit the teacher’s ability to develop lessons that include creation in the classroom and teachers may resort to a more teacher-centered environment. It is the teachers responsibility to generate lessons and centers that encourage students to be creative. It is vital that the incorporation of creativity in the classroom is encouraged so that students of varying learning styles are exposed to different ways to learn.

After generating a list of potential solutions it was determined that there are two possible ways to incorporate creativity into the classroom. The first option would be to designate a space in the classroom to pique the student’s creative outlet. This area is dedicated to creative activities such as a thinking table, drama station, readers’ theater or group discussion. An advantage to this solution would be that students are able to move around the classroom throughout the day and are not confined to staying at their desk. It also encourages students to use their imagination through planned or spontaneous dramatic actions. A drawback would be lack of space in a classroom which can make creative stations limited and distracting to the students. The second possible solution would be collaboration of content material with specialized teachers (art, gym, computer, etc.). By having the specialized teacher involved in the creation and implementation of lessons the student will gain a varied understanding of the material. A disadvantage would be that specialized teachers often have their own agenda and expectations. This may lead to a disjointed presentation of the material and lead students to become uninterested or confused.

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    May 13 2013: know more stuff about what you are teaching so that what is amazing and beautiful ,unfortunate,repeatable,humerous ect is revealed. When you teach history include the family and the bankers and sleazy politics of religion and business...show the errors..and show the great ideas of ancient wisedom of ALL cultures,show all science including alternative such as numerology and shamanism,,,show great thinkers from all cultures,include WOMAN, Teach about the spirit of ourselves that must be trained with self awareness in action ,speech and search for enlightenment to becoming our best self. Teach about the wisdom of animals and the cooperation of all beings..rid your classroom of all outdated modes of being,racism,sexism,imperialism . To be in a classroom where It pulsed with gratitude for all the true great things in life,celebrated tself..the real best ideas of woman and men of all races and warned about all the possible pitfalls of the ways of being would be like stepping into a perfect mind. If I encountered specialized material I would research it myself..nothing has an existence that is without a connected story and that story is our collective reality

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