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"...education doesn't go on in ... rooms of our legislative buildings. It happens in classrooms..." Is classroom the only place?

It seems that our creativity as a society would have to also evolve beyond the context in which we see education. The possibilities of what education is or could be, I believe is more than just a classroom. Education associated with a one physical location, as a school, would continue to fall under conformity and standardization. Let's see education as it is, that is, Education Happens in Society - home, media, role models, communities, offices, social gatherings, war and so on. Our world is education as seen by each unique being. Classroom is just a piece of it.


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  • May 12 2013: Hi Adebo,
    I really agree with this.

    As a parent, I take on a responsibility that is greater than making sure my kids are fed, clothed and sheltered. They need to become confident, independent, decision-making individuals, and I can never rely solely on a classroom to ensure that. In fact, it would be foolish to do so.

    But I know lots of parents who see their children roughly a half hour before they drop them off at daycare, and an hour if they're lucky, at dinnertime, before the kids go to bed.
    Being a part of a capitalist society and raising children at the same time is a challenge.
    I can easily say, "Make time". But there are simply so many hours in the day.

    I have a feeling, and correct me if I'm wrong, that this may contributing to why so much pressure is put on schools and educators to take all the responsibility of educating, and actually raising, other people's kids.

    "Education Happens in Society" - as long as all sides of the story are represented.
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      May 12 2013: Thank you. This is my point, as we point our fingers at legislative and school, we must not forget us, our PERSONAL responsibility. It sometime seems like there are two agendas regarding the talks on education revolution - one is looking for non-standardized system while another is looking for the best babysitter for our kids.

      Lizanne, I like to encourage you to actively inspire other parents through your example.
      • May 13 2013: I'll certainly try, Abedo!
        I am not the type to preach, especially when it comes to parenting, but I do jump at the opportunity to share ideas with parents I know about ways to educate our kids outside the classroom.
        When my kids have a play-date, or a birthday party, I'm the kind of Mom that comes up with a sort of mini lesson, in a super fun way though! A scavenger hunt in the woods, building volcano, Googling famous artists, making up music... Poor things, they think they're going to play with Barbies and cars all afternoon...but no!

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