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"...education doesn't go on in ... rooms of our legislative buildings. It happens in classrooms..." Is classroom the only place?

It seems that our creativity as a society would have to also evolve beyond the context in which we see education. The possibilities of what education is or could be, I believe is more than just a classroom. Education associated with a one physical location, as a school, would continue to fall under conformity and standardization. Let's see education as it is, that is, Education Happens in Society - home, media, role models, communities, offices, social gatherings, war and so on. Our world is education as seen by each unique being. Classroom is just a piece of it.


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  • May 12 2013: You make a good point, but there is a significant challenge to the idea that education should happen throughout society. Since World War II western societies have grown more and more anti-intellectual with as time has passed. Learning, knowledge, and reason are seen as personal character flaws. Those who know are seen as arrogant and potentially dangerous. Anyone who suggests that one thing is right, and another is wrong, is seen as elitist, judgemental, and ideological. It's so subsumed in our culture that it's not even an issue that is debated any longer, it has been accepted as foundational. Those with intellectual skill are socially retarded, have dangerous hubris, and are fundamentally worse people than those who rely on intuition. All of the flaws of reasoning that humans are prone to are enshrined. Smearing the speaker to defeat a proposed idea, ignoring counterevidence and overstating collaborative evidence, assuming correlation and causation are the same thing, using tricks of language to persuade people emotionally rather than rationally, encouraging abandonment of "abstract principles" in favor of expediency, etc are the ways the "good people" in society now conduct themselves. So a few hundred thousand doctors tell you to get your kids vaccinated? A lady down the street knows someone who has an autistic kid and she KNOWS the vaccines did it.

    There is no crisis of lack of information, or lack of access to education. We live in a golden age for that. The problem is that society despises the practice of reason. They see it as a significant character flaw. They see it as restrictive and dangerous. Until that changes, society simply cannot be a place where learning happens everywhere. Learning takes a back seat to having to pledge allegiance, to agreeing with people to prove you like them and are like them, to following your gut or following the other guy following his.
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      May 12 2013: Wow! I like this. Thanks for sharing. Now I am glad I wrote my question.

      "The problem is that society despises the practice of reason" would you say this is simply because we are not taking PERSONAL responsibility but expecting and blaming whatever we agree to blame?

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