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any idea to make my holiday productive?

i just finished my high school and waiting to go to university. All these days i just sit in front of my computer and eat. I want to do something positive, so i don't waste my time sitting in front of my computer and do nothing. Any ideas?

  • May 12 2013: Talk to grandparents and parents about family history and lore.

    Write a letter to an ailing relative.

    Volunteer to help at a children's care center. Teach at least one child one thing each day.

    Find out from you parents if there is a relative that could use a hand with chores, and then help them.

    Visit a museum, art gallery, or historic site and try to learn at leas one thing form the experience.

    Learn how to cook your top 5 favorite meals.

    Learn a new life skill, such as swimming, dancing, golf, or bike riding.

    Learn a new creative skill such as sewing, painting, woodworking, automotive repair, or photography.

    Go an visit a person working in the area you want to work in after you are trained by your university. Perhaps you can volunteer there and learn how the business works.

    Get a job and earn spending money for school.

    Ask any adult in your family the same question, and I will bet they come up with many ideas as well that might be better tailored to your skill set.

    Do not waste time. That is the absolute worst way to prepare for university.
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      Jun 10 2013: Robert,
      You are always full of good ideas. I read this after writing my comment!
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    Jun 10 2013: Hi Tamy,
    Have you thought about volunteer work? It's a great way to learn lots of things, and maybe give you more ideas about what you would like to pursue in college.
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    Jun 10 2013: Write a story about a summer spent searching for something productive to do. You may find that you like writing, and nothing will be more productive than that when you get to college.
  • Jun 10 2013: Ha! Just like the summer of George.
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    May 12 2013: one can do positive things in front of one's computer

    How do you get around, by walking or in a car or bus? Walking can be a really inspiring activity.

    I also like to go to the movies.