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Ken Robinson Primary School

Another fantastic talk on education from Ken Robinson.

Let's start his education revolution TODAY.

If we were to open the Ken Robinson Primary School, a school that champions the principles Ken is proposing, how would the school look? What features would it have? Let's work together to make this school a reality starting today here on TED.

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  • May 12 2013: Instead of building more schools, it is my hope that Orsch's discoveries will help spread strategy and insight to other schools. Our school exists as a lab - constantly seeking answers we can share with the educational community as a whole. We have many answers to share - the book will be out this summer. I am working hard to finish as the school year comes to a close.
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      May 12 2013: Jackie I've taken a look at the Orsch website and indeed it is 100% the Ken Robinson Primary School! Amazing. All the ideas of recognising student individuality, creativity, and constant teaching improvement are there.

      Have you gotten in touch with Ken Robinson so he knows that at least one school out there is showing the world his principles in application?

      How about getting in touch with other schools that share similar principles like Harlem Village Academies? Maybe get together to share ideas and raise a powerful collective voice to lead this education revolution.
      • May 12 2013: Getting together to share ideas and raise a voice is a wonderful idea. We do our best to learn from each and every innovative idea that comes our way - that is how the world of education should operate - evolution of ideas will bring more progress.

        The difference between other wonderful programs and Orsch is that Orsch exists to spread the knowledge we gain. We have built our philosophy around input and feedback from students themselves and we adjust based on our observations of their engagement. We have so much to share with the world about how best to connect with and serve students - how individualization becomes a reality - how community must come first - how creativity can infiltrate every single day/lesson/assignment - how freedom and independence lead to essential life skills. The Blue School, HVA and many other schools are amazing learning environments that meet the needs of their students and offer a creative approach, however, they are insulated programs. They serve their students wonderfully, but millions of children still do not have access to good programming. This is why I am so passionate about spreading the very real possibility of change that we have tested. We have "lab" results to share that will benefit millions of kids. Very small changes can make a big difference.

        I have tried repeatedly to contact Sir Ken. Every time I see him speak or read his words I know that he would be overjoyed to know of the discoveries we have made. He would support the outreach I so desperately want to offer.

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