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Ken Robinson Primary School

Another fantastic talk on education from Ken Robinson.

Let's start his education revolution TODAY.

If we were to open the Ken Robinson Primary School, a school that champions the principles Ken is proposing, how would the school look? What features would it have? Let's work together to make this school a reality starting today here on TED.

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  • May 12 2013: Check out the documentary High School by Frederick Wiseman. The teaching techniques used there might be reduced in effectiveness in a primary school because prepubescents are limited in their capacity for abstract reasoning, but I'm not certain. Teaching the habit of rational argument as the way that people fundamentally convey knowledge and thought to one another (perhaps through having 2 teachers for each class, who collaborate through constructive argumentation with each other in front of the class) would surely be vastly beneficial. Every single class needs to be framed as critical thinking applied to the subject at hand. Persuasion and answering of questions rather than trying to teach by fiat. This requires good teachers with good personalities, of course. It would never work with a teacher who gets offended by a student challenging them, or one unwilling to cede that they don't know the answer to a question. Re-form the classes to concentrate on critical thinking and eliminate all of the prison-like controls that are not directly conducive to education (supported by evidence-based research, of course, and evolving as research evolves). Destroy the artificial arbitrary rules of schools and expect students to conduct themselves as people would in real life - no dictating what they wear and obsessing over who was kissing in the halls before class. There are reasons these things are not laws in general society, and schools are part of general society, and students react like actual PEOPLE. Treat them like prisoners who must be controlled compulsively, and they will act like prisoners.

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