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Ken Robinson Primary School

Another fantastic talk on education from Ken Robinson.

Let's start his education revolution TODAY.

If we were to open the Ken Robinson Primary School, a school that champions the principles Ken is proposing, how would the school look? What features would it have? Let's work together to make this school a reality starting today here on TED.

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    May 11 2013: Good question, I'm not going to pretend I know how it would work, but I'd imagine it would require a private system which was entirely in the control of the teachers. The teachers would produce the curriculum and get their educational material by working with third party institutions and authors. Also, instead of relying predominantly on standardized testing to demonstrate the ability of student's it would focus more on a portfolio-resume building. A key factor I'd envision would be teaching the students the basic mechanics of teaching itself in order to provide communication skills, a more thorough understanding of the material, and insight on how to better their own learning skills as well as eventually producing better teachers once those students feed back into the system.

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