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That perhaps Jeremy Rifkin's humankind illustrations should include the other 50% of the human race, i.e. women.

It would have been a wonderful, positive, encouraging video.... Except, my enjoyment of it was ruined by the fact that Jeremy Rifkin's human race (or perhaps more fairly, only that of the illustrator) seems to assume that only men have any place of importance or visibility in the world - the illustrations suggest that human = man. Every time 'human' was mentioned, and an illustration of one accompanied the words - guess what? It was a male! At least 20 times, maybe more. The amount of times a female human appeared? 3. Two of these times were to do with reproduction. The other time? A woman shrieking hysterically as a spider crawled up her arm. Yes. Quite.

Each time a new human began to be drawn I became more and more infuriated at the assumption that the history of humankind has only involved men. That the planet now is populated only by men. That women only surface in cases of reproduction, and female hysteria.

I don't know if 'proposing an idea' is the right thing to do here, but I was so outraged by the video which I would otherwise have loved. It saddened me that such a creative, progressive, forward thinking video could be so blindly sexist.

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    May 11 2013: I hear you roar, but you have a tempest in a teapot Ms. Coleman. Gender/sex plays no role whatsoever in Mr. Rifkin's talk. I wonder how you would edit the talk. Change the cartoons to show more females? Change the text to include more feminine pronouns? Such suggestions are extraneous to the Talk. You are imposing a gender component which neither the author or the subject demands.
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      May 11 2013: Here we can see the ubiquitous manifestation of the Gloria Steinem meme.

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