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How to find your true passion and what you want to spend the rest of your life doing?

At some point of his great talk, he says that he meets many different types of people, some of who really love what they're doing and can't see themselves doing anything else, because it's simply who they are, not what they do, my question is that, how do you find that you want to be doing for the rest of your life and can't see yourself doing anything else? Anyone with a previous experience can tell us their story and how they got there, or anyone else still in the process tell us about their strategy and how it works may help us conclude to a result.


Closing Statement from Ahmed Soliman

I think the answer in this question lies in knowing your dominant type of intelligent, there's a theory by Howard Gardner that says there are 7 types of human intelligence, linguistic, mathematical, musical, kinesthetic (bodily), visual, interpersonal and intrapersonal.
There could be many extra types of intelligence, but the answer lies in this idea, figuring out your natural intelligence, improving it, and practicing it.

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    May 11 2013: I may be able to pass on this insight ..Ahmed..I explain self awareness and the gift of living a life genuine to this state in a story.... If you are able to imagine..If I knew more about you I could customize the insight to firmly affix to your values..but I dont..SO What would inspire you to cross a dangerous road...spare parts,a party,some money,an animal..ect...this answer indicates what motivates you...I would cross mostly for interesting objects( i enjoy designing things) Now it is interesting inner blindness about oneself is such a roadblock to happiness...this question is in fact could be very important. Try practicing this thought,use others as a test...Why would your best friend cross a difficult road...money,admiration,a weird object,..Once you know what your spiritual muscle is willing to work on with little desire alone as its pulse..you are self aware at this level..now what to do with this truth....immerse yourself in the chosen field at any level,any where intially...As a designer I crave creative processes...I dont care what I create..boxes,shoes,furniture,haircuts,murals...The object does not define the value..the act of design is my lifeblood...If you are a people person...having a quiet isolated job would drain your life force...so be thorough in your internal mapping of what motivates you.Here is the good news..what you are good at is probably already apparent..you just need to develop the inner sight to see yourself at an angle that few are able to do...but like love...it is a real thing and with caution you are going to get your intent. Another way I encountered a life career is I was unwilling to have a job that included things I am unable to endure,unfairness,cruelty,inequality,(math) sitting for long periods...so in this way I avoided at least becoming commited to a life of misery...if I was unable to find my joy....I wish you the inner flash of selfawareness which will lead to a life of wisedom and gratitude
    • May 12 2013: Thank you very much for that, I'll take this thought in consideration for sure. Glad that you already found your true passion :)

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