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Bullied... or ignored. Which is worse?

Shane's powerful presentation on standing up for yourself against bullying, and acknowledging your true beauty, got me thinking.

Bullying is a destructive act. It forces individuals into a category through labeling and name-calling that can sometimes cost that individual an entire lifetime to break out of.

But, what about ignoring an individual? Is denying someone's existence as destructive... or more so?


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    May 13 2013: thank you for the reply Fritzie. I am pleased to hear the subject is being addressed and it sounds like you have all bases covered. a couple of questions;

    Is your school also educating parents to better equip them about the signs to look for in a victim?

    Are parents being informed as to the correct and most effective procedure to follow if they believe their child or another is being bullied?

    It's very difficult for a young adult to report being the victim of bullying for a host of reasons.

    again, thanks!

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