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Bullied... or ignored. Which is worse?

Shane's powerful presentation on standing up for yourself against bullying, and acknowledging your true beauty, got me thinking.

Bullying is a destructive act. It forces individuals into a category through labeling and name-calling that can sometimes cost that individual an entire lifetime to break out of.

But, what about ignoring an individual? Is denying someone's existence as destructive... or more so?


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    May 11 2013: Ignoring a person is worse, its not your fault to get ignored. If an opposite person is ignoring you then he lacks ability to understand you, thats it. !!
    • May 11 2013: Thank you Ranjith!
      What you describe is indeed 'ignorance' - being willfully uniformed, which is a destructive state to be in, for yourself and others.

      You say, "its not your fault to get ignored". I would think, it is never someone's own fault, to be bullied or ignored. By labeling someone, the bully determines that person's identity.

      Is there such a thing as 'anti-bullying'? Placing someone in the spotlight or categorizing them as something 'better' than others?
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        May 13 2013: I do agree with you Lizanne, It is never someone's fault to get ignored, but people get depressed or some times mentally disturbed especially children because of such activities. I used that phrase 'its not your fault' to alleviate those who faced ignorance.

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