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Bullied... or ignored. Which is worse?

Shane's powerful presentation on standing up for yourself against bullying, and acknowledging your true beauty, got me thinking.

Bullying is a destructive act. It forces individuals into a category through labeling and name-calling that can sometimes cost that individual an entire lifetime to break out of.

But, what about ignoring an individual? Is denying someone's existence as destructive... or more so?


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    May 12 2013: oh my word Vermont, a beautiful state! I live in NE Conn. We call it " the last green valley". A hidden gem that's kept all the trees and pastures !

    You know you have a great idea here Colleen. I vote for starting programs such as your "cognitive self change " in our schools with focus on middle and high school young adults. Get them before those young brains are hard -wired and the "Virtual world" many live in leave them partially desensitized.

    here here to half full glasses!
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      May 13 2013: Schools do this now, Mary, though not using that language. It starts in primary grades, because bullying is already an issue then

      It might have been since the disaster at Columbine High School that my state requires all schools to have anti-bullying programs that meet certain criteria. These programs typically involve regular short class meetings with groups of students that include consideration of the various people in bullying scenarios- bully, victim, and bystander, how to problem-solve in any of those positions, productive self-talk, and so forth.

      Even aside from this, Health class addresses some of these issues as well.
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      May 13 2013: Mary Ellen and Fritzie,
      Sorry I didn't see this sooner Mary Ellen....it was not connected to our conversation, so I didn't get a notice.

      We have similar programs here too in schools as well as correctional facilities, and I think they have been more of a focus recently because of the increase in violence and cyberbullying, as Fritzie mentions. I'm not involved at all with schools, and have not been involved with corrections for a few years, but I hear about the programs.

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