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I believe fear makes us cowards and prohibits us to stand against any wrong doings.

How to be Fearles when we stand to loose so many things ffor standing against powerful wrong doers?

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    May 10 2013: Courage is not the absence of fear, but action in spite of fear.
    So coward and courage are reactions to fear.
    Now if courage is genetics or an environmental trait is an important question, for that would change how we could promote it.

    we should also keep in mind that sometimes fear is good because it stops us from doing dumb dangerous things, well most of us ;)
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      May 12 2013: Courage is not the absence of fear, but action in spite of fear. I agree with you. We should be ready to suffer happily for our courageous decisions .
  • May 13 2013: Fear can be a good thing. It can hone our senses and sharpen our wit's. But a feeling of powerlessness to change things is what stops us from standing up against those things we feel are wrong. We just let bad things happen because on our own we feel powerless. If " powerful wrong doers " go unchallenged then eventually you loose anyway. If enough people stand up for what they believe, things change. So who will stand and be counted. Will you?
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    May 10 2013: One thing that helps fight wrongdoing is to know the law. For example, I have lived where I had to fight very noisy neighbors who would play their stereo music at all times of the day. In order to fight them, I first looked up the laws of my city regarding noise, they are written down and are available at City Hall or online. When you know the law, you have a lot more power, you know your rights in black and white.
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    May 10 2013: attachment to persons ,posts,property ....list is endless to stifle and suffocate a voice of dissent .

    that is why wrongdoers and those who allow it all to happen due to their silence all deserve punishment ..

    State is unable to punish the culprits but the Supreme power does not let any action go unanswered.