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Who thinks it's time for TED to get behind the marijuana legalization movement?

Marijuana prohibition has been an utter failure. You know it, I know it, and I have to assume TED knows it. From a financial and social perspective, there isn't a better time to drop the 72 years of pointless social stigma attached to this plant and legalize it!

Perhaps a few talks from smart people demonstrating how insanely rational it is to end this war at a highly regarded conference such as TED would be enough to convince DC. Your thoughts?


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    Apr 28 2011: No drug should be illegal. The government should make the risks of substance abuse plainly apparent, but have no right to judge what an individual choses to do with their own body and/or mind.

    Those who want illegal substances can get them anyway -- in the case of underaged kids, even easier than alcohol.

    The argument that legalization promotes more users is flawed. The stats speak against it -- both Holland and Portugal have seen significant decreases in marijuana usage since decriminalization.

    Legalization would start investing income in your own government and stop supporting terrorists in Columbia or Afghanistan. Legalize it all and bankrupt the illegal drug trade.

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