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A contradiction within itself-New Age Spirituality

I’m back from a two week holiday in the sticks & I’m causing trouble already!!

Is New age spirituality a contradiction within itself when it judges judgment & the ego as being bad, judgment is bad because it’s of being judgmental & the ego is judged as being bad because it’s of desires according to new age spiritualists.

Isn’t judging being judgmental a judgement therefore bad within itself & to judge the ego as being bad isn’t that being judgemental? So are new age spiritualists actually manifesting the so called bad of the world? You have got to wonder because before they became spiritually aware they didn’t have a problem with egos & judgment & a multitude of other things.

Take the following quote that was recently presented on an internet site “The problem is not enjoyment; the problem is attachment”, enjoyment usually represents attachments of some kind as an emotional human being can’t attach itself usually to something that isn’t enjoyable in some way, this would psychologically be impossible.

I could go on with this but the question is, is new age spirituality a contradiction within itself & is it manifesting/adding to the problems in the world?


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    May 13 2013: People are not bad. People do bad things. That does not define the person.
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      May 13 2013: G'day Helen

      Most definitely Helen as we can all do bad things however at the point of doing bad that does define that person at that time but it doesn't tell us truly who the person is only part of who the person is. Yes we can define a person as being bad period by one action which isn't who they are which we must be all wary of.

      We are not saying these people are bad just misguided like anyone who is misguided with anything.

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        May 13 2013: Thank you for replying. I attended a study at my church and the person in charge said men were evil. I challenged that, saying that the worth of a person is not determined by their actions. I speak of intrinsic worth. I was treated like a pariah. But I still embrace the poet Rumi's quote..".There is only love and a cry for love." Regards, Helen
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          May 13 2013: Scripture, time and again, shows us that God hates the sin, not the sinner.
          There is only one exception to this scriptural principle. The exception is found in Psalms 11:5. Read it in your own copy of the Bible.

          Yesterday in our congregation meeting the speaker brought out an interesting point about Uzziah, Judah's king for 52 years (829-778 B.C.E.).

          Uzziah's triumphs evidently got the better of him. The scriptures tell of his going into the Holy compartment of the temple to burn incense, something Kings were not allowed to do. God did not stop him from burning the incence.

          When the High Priest censured him for this presumptuous act, the scriptures say that "Uzziah became enraged"........what happened next? Well, I'll leave you with this cliff hanger. The account is in 2 Chronicles 26:16-21.

          Notice that it wasn't until Uzziah's words and attitude towards God's appointed shepherds revealed his heart condition, that God stepped in. Perhaps if he had had a different attitude towards the reprimand, the outcome of the story would have been different.

          You were very brave to have spoken up for truth. And like a quote that I have says:

          "The truth, is still the truth, even in a minority of one".

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