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A contradiction within itself-New Age Spirituality

I’m back from a two week holiday in the sticks & I’m causing trouble already!!

Is New age spirituality a contradiction within itself when it judges judgment & the ego as being bad, judgment is bad because it’s of being judgmental & the ego is judged as being bad because it’s of desires according to new age spiritualists.

Isn’t judging being judgmental a judgement therefore bad within itself & to judge the ego as being bad isn’t that being judgemental? So are new age spiritualists actually manifesting the so called bad of the world? You have got to wonder because before they became spiritually aware they didn’t have a problem with egos & judgment & a multitude of other things.

Take the following quote that was recently presented on an internet site “The problem is not enjoyment; the problem is attachment”, enjoyment usually represents attachments of some kind as an emotional human being can’t attach itself usually to something that isn’t enjoyable in some way, this would psychologically be impossible.

I could go on with this but the question is, is new age spirituality a contradiction within itself & is it manifesting/adding to the problems in the world?


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    May 11 2013: G'day Mary

    Does it seem I'm lumping all new age spiritualists in one basket? It does seem a little that way but not intentionally as the subject is about the strange contradictory concepts of new age spirituality not all the other genuine loving harmonious concepts that are a part of new age spirituality as well . This is like anything human, just because the minority of people in the world seem bad doesn’t make the majority seemingly bad as well.

    I’ve met a number of new age & indigo families & the difference to the average family circle is astounding in love & understanding in every way with no signs of animosity, the kids are so beautiful & well behaved, well most of the times. I just wonder, am I noticing the difference in new age spiritual families to the extent I am because of my own agnostic/atheist disharmonious upbringing? To me atheism & agnosticism represent ignorance as does various religious doctrines so being brought up in such an ignorant disharmonious upbringing new age spiritual families would probably stick out somewhat more. But on the other hand am I noticing them more because I am less ignorant & spiritually aware myself?

    One will always notice in other what they are themselves which I find quite interesting within myself at times especially when I’ve allowed myself to be upset by someone, you notice in others what you are or of course when one is becoming spiritually aware one will also feel more of what others are which really comes back to being one of the same but in a different way as you’re not acting out in the same disharmonious manner.

    If genuine new age/indigo families opened up their doors to the rest of the populous they would teach us all a thing or two I believe.

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      May 12 2013: G'day Mathew,

      From my point of view, after reading through this conversation....and I have read all the entries, I don't think you are lumping all new age spiritualists in one basket.

      I think my Shel Silverstein poem is so appropriate Mathew.......All of us are a little bit of everything......
      We are all humans.....with belief systems.

      I will agree/disagree with your statement "One will always notice in other what they are themselves".

      I find this generalization not quite accurate, and yet it is somewhat truthful.

      There are behaviors I observe in others which make me reflect and think "why would someone act like that, when there are other ways of dealing with this issue?".............and yet, I am seeing me.....I am seeing another imperfect human.

      So yes, I am not like others, I am me...different....but I am exactly like everybody else....human......a work in progress.......

      There are sincere kind people everywhere....in every nation, culture, language group, religion, socio-economic class, etc etc..

      It's good to discuss all this and get different perspectives and point of views from people in all walks of life, then sit and put the puzzle pieces together.....keep what helps you....discard the rest.

      I am no more intelligent or insightful than anybody else. I have just lived through different experiences, and I try to share them using what limited language skills I have. I have been benefitted immensely from reading everyone's insights on TED, whether I agree with them or not, it helps me understand my fellow human being.

      Happy Sunday!!
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        May 12 2013: G'day Mary

        I went into this a fair bit more on my blog which I inserted my last reply to you with a link to this site & topic as I have found a lot of replies here worth sharing.

        When I say one will always notice in other what they are themselves I don't mean that is actually what we are or acting out but a part of us that could be us in the same circumstances. I will give you an example of this.

        I was talking to three elderly gentlemen some time ago & they where having ago at young people saying they didn't act like that in their days & never would have, I piped up & said "if we where born in these days we too would be acting in the same way with all the influences they have around them which we didn't have". Two out of the three elderly men agreed with me.

        Noticing others around us in different circumstances to us helps with our understanding that we too could in the same exact circumstances react in the same way as others who we are knocking. I could say that I would never think of being a mas murderer however if I had the same exact brain chemistry as a mass murderer I would do as they have done, it's within us all under different circumstances.

        You are more intelligent & insightful Mary as there is no other person on the Earth who will be more intelligent & insightful in the personal things you have experienced, in other words no one has ever or ever will be you & have the same exact experiences as you, now how special is that
        & that is how special everybody is & this is why no one has the right to kill another as everyone is special in this same exact way.

        You are special Mary as I am also.


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