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A contradiction within itself-New Age Spirituality

I’m back from a two week holiday in the sticks & I’m causing trouble already!!

Is New age spirituality a contradiction within itself when it judges judgment & the ego as being bad, judgment is bad because it’s of being judgmental & the ego is judged as being bad because it’s of desires according to new age spiritualists.

Isn’t judging being judgmental a judgement therefore bad within itself & to judge the ego as being bad isn’t that being judgemental? So are new age spiritualists actually manifesting the so called bad of the world? You have got to wonder because before they became spiritually aware they didn’t have a problem with egos & judgment & a multitude of other things.

Take the following quote that was recently presented on an internet site “The problem is not enjoyment; the problem is attachment”, enjoyment usually represents attachments of some kind as an emotional human being can’t attach itself usually to something that isn’t enjoyable in some way, this would psychologically be impossible.

I could go on with this but the question is, is new age spirituality a contradiction within itself & is it manifesting/adding to the problems in the world?


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    May 11 2013: Hi Mathew!!
    How old is this New Age really? :D
    I think spirituality is as old and new as the spirit. It will be remarkably silly to brand it, contemporarize it or make it a group act. If one does that spirituality evaporates and the residue left is called a cult.
    Spirituality is profoundly private, IMO.
    In the tradition of an ascetic of Indic culture, I pursued it for 20 years. The ascetic tradition encourages to give up all attachments, and it is possible I tell you. One can grow out of one's body and mind and in that state observe one's own self and others and what is seen can appear funny and pointless. But life of an ascetic is not for me. For long I thought the small attachments of life that I always get entangled with as a weakness - now I realize, that is how I am to be.
    I am nothing but the connections I constantly make.
    Will you call that a New age spirituality, my friend?
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      May 11 2013: G'day Pabitra

      Very good point Pabitra, how many cults & fundamentalist religious groups do we have today as they are all throw offs from some main source which is us.

      The funny thing is I get into certain states of consciousness that all of a sudden I’m just smiling all the time for apparently no reason until I wake up to what I am smiling about, it’s usually me I’m smiling at because of my thoughts & actions seem lame & pointless as you said. I’m the same as you I love my entanglements as I’m sure that is what I came here to do.

      Is new age spirituality something to do with different ways in reconnecting ourselves or is it being content & accepting in what we have & are? I think it’s the latter in my mind if we were going to put a label on it which I don’t think we should or more to the point have to as it just is. I love is-ness by the way because is-ness doesn’t have an opposite to conflict with because it just is, labels represent conflicts. Could you imagine living in a reality with no labels, you couldn’t have a conflict even if you wanted to & what a shame that would be!!! This is where I clash with science because science wants to put labels on everything.

      • May 13 2013: Mathew: While I admire your enthusiasm, have you thought about what it would be like if your wish came true? I mean doing away with labels. It would be impossible to make the most ordinary observations, instructions to the young, even language itself would have to be foregone. As you suggest Science would be impossible, but so would making the most mundane operations, like baking a cake.
        Confuscius in China years ago came to the opposite conclusion: he thought it was the main job of educated people to make sure that the "labels" were accurate, thus avoiding, or at least clarifying, the conflicts that you envision. That is the main reason that the Chinese today "suffer" from a lack of Lawyers, and respect for lawyers.
        Labels are also a great labor saving device. It enables conveying efficiently a great deal of information without having to "reinvent the wheel" with every transaction'
        What you envision reminds me of the great "Freedom of Choice" that a large Chinese menu presents to an illiterate person: hundreds of dishes to choose from, but you don't know what any of them are.
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          May 13 2013: G'day Shawn

          As usual anything to do with spirituality is a bit of a paradox, humans need labels to define things & even rediscovering ourselves through practices like science however you have to admit labels have caused a lot of problems as well.

          If we take a look at religion & religious wars it is labels that have helped create these conflicts, if a Catholic & a Moore weren't labelled & definable would the Spanish inquisition have occurred? It couldn't because everyone is of the same no matter what belief one abides by.

          In saying this if we were more consciously aware & sophisticated we wouldn't need labels because we would telepathically know without labels in what was in foods for example & this is very possible taking into consideration one can change the form of a water crystals by just thought alone. Of course if we used telepathy today conflicts would still be a main part of our existence without labels as we would still detect differences within each other however I think by the time we all become telepathic we also would have become much more sophisticated, well hopefully anyway.


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