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A contradiction within itself-New Age Spirituality

I’m back from a two week holiday in the sticks & I’m causing trouble already!!

Is New age spirituality a contradiction within itself when it judges judgment & the ego as being bad, judgment is bad because it’s of being judgmental & the ego is judged as being bad because it’s of desires according to new age spiritualists.

Isn’t judging being judgmental a judgement therefore bad within itself & to judge the ego as being bad isn’t that being judgemental? So are new age spiritualists actually manifesting the so called bad of the world? You have got to wonder because before they became spiritually aware they didn’t have a problem with egos & judgment & a multitude of other things.

Take the following quote that was recently presented on an internet site “The problem is not enjoyment; the problem is attachment”, enjoyment usually represents attachments of some kind as an emotional human being can’t attach itself usually to something that isn’t enjoyable in some way, this would psychologically be impossible.

I could go on with this but the question is, is new age spirituality a contradiction within itself & is it manifesting/adding to the problems in the world?


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    May 10 2013: G’day Mary

    Yes self-control is more appropriate.

    This is it Mary, I have had so many new age spiritualists say this that & the other is negative that’s it full stop because that is the way they have been taught to think instead of thinking for themselves. I had a synchronistic moment last night as I was told of a story of a young girl who benefited from being egotistical big time by the sounds of it but a new age spiritualist wouldn’t have a bar of this.

    Everything that man has got to live his life out in this reality is good unless we manipulate it to suite ourselves which is also very human but can be quite destructive & disruptive to others & this is where spirituality is supposed to come in & give us balance again & not demonize this that & the other because it’s against certain new age spiritual concepts.

    There is definitely nothing new under the sun as humans have always manipulated to their own ends but it would be nice if we didn’t do this through spiritualism for once.

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      May 11 2013: There is another scripture that I read early in my studies.
      It is in the book of Ecclesiastes, also written by Solomon.
      "man has dominated man to his detriment".

      In other words, whenever one human is 'over' another human, it is easily possible to hurt the one on the bottom.

      Spiritualism is no exception.

      Religion is no exception.

      Politics is no exception.

      Even the family is no exception.

      Love Matthew, love is the proper motivation for helping others gain spiritual insight.

      As a Christian, I see my sharing the good news of God's kingdom with others as an act of love.
      But each individual must decide for themselves how to live their life. I share a message, and leave it at that. We have free will. We are each endowed with our own mental faculties, and are responsible for ourselves.
      Regardless, of whether we serve our Creator or not, scripture says that he makes it rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. People in prison still enjoy a rainy day don't they? What a lesson for us.

      Treat people with respect and dignity, don't judge them, if you have something your fellow man needs and it is in your power to give it to them, then do so.......all of these are principles found in scripture. Many individuals apply them in their lives and yet are not religious.......but they are spiritually minded, and love their neighbor.

      I think perhaps you have wonderful metacognitive skills. You realize when something just doesn't have the ring of truth, and you walk away. That is fine.

      Love is the key Matthew.....you cannot go wrong with giving love.
      Prayer might help you if you feel that you need direction.

      I hope my thoughts bring some sort of comfort to you Mathew.

      "Life is hard, but just think, each year we get a free trip around the sun for FREE"

      Be Well,
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        May 11 2013: G’day Mary

        It is good being back reading the stuff that people like yourself put out I have to admit Mary.

        Love is definitely a major key one can use to find connection again with God or their inner self which to me is the same thing. When I become more connected at various times the love is obvious but only if one is connected, once you become disconnected again the love doesn’t feel like it’s there until we become connected again but of course it’s always there & always has been.

        I’m not a religious person but I do believe in a creator not necessarily just of man & if you look at it in one way or another we came from one source. If you’re just scientifically minded we still came from one source so that one source is quite significant either way you look at it.

        It’s really funny to hear new age people talk about theology dying & wanting it to die, I can’t see it dying but it will & is going through change. Some scientists are looking at this web that is strewn throughout the universe & are thinking now that this universe was created by something that had intelligence.

        Judging is a funny one, one can constructively judge like you look beautiful today or the day is wonderful it is still judging but everyone looks at judgment meaning something more negative like you look horrible today or the days terrible but it’s not just like the ego. I see judging as a constructive tool to use not just a destructive tool but that’s just me I suppose looking at most things with rose coloured glasses & why not when I see it as the truth.
        Yes you treat other as you would want them to treat you in the nicest way possible at any given time.

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          May 11 2013: There are not many New Age people around here, but I have read quite alot on it, and have spoken to many New Age people on line.

          I like your thought......we came from one source......
    • May 13 2013: Mathew:

      Curious that you seem to be against "Spiritualism", but at the same time believe we are all "connected". As a sort of pseudo-Buddhist. I'm sure you are right, though I think it is a matter of being all part of one "Consciousness Field", analogous to an Electric Field. Why not call it Spiritualist, although that can be too vague a term to be easily understood by people who think that the "Individual" is real, but the Group is not.
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        May 13 2013: G'day Shawn

        It does sound a little hypocritical on my part doesn't it!!!!

        Don’t get me wrong Shawn I’m not against spiritualism I just like to question some of its concepts & ideological practices at times like I do with anything else, we don’t want to end up in the dark ages again not saying that’s a huge threat but who really knows for sure!!

        I’ve been spiritually aware since my early teens, I am now 49 yrs old but I will question my own & other people’s concepts if I see an indiscretion, maybe I’m too logical or think too much to be spiritually aware but I am aware!!

        I think we need to change the way we practice & look at spiritualism & that is what I do, my blogs about acceptance which includes not accepting at times as well, accept to be non-accepting at times which in this case includes not accepting possible harmful contradictions within a belief. If I sat on my bottom & said nothing about a wrong, in my eyes, being done it would be spiritually irresponsible of me not to at least say something as I owe that to my fellow man to say something even if I’m wrong.

        I came to a point in my mid-teens that I could have been totally connected to my inner self & lived an utter life of spiritual bliss but I chose not to. I got to a conscious point that I could ask any question & get an immediate answer which in my mind wasn’t exactly too human & I didn’t come here to be anything else but human obviously otherwise I wouldn’t be here like everybody else.

        Yes I’m slightly hypercritical but only according to our present spiritual belief system or state of conscious awareness & I know you didn’t say hypercritical but I did because I like to look at myself truthfully as possible.

        • May 13 2013: Mathew: No need to beat yourself up about "hypocritical". Contradictions are built into the standard Christian-Atheist-Newtonian World View, that's why its so inadequate. And all the "Enlightened Ones " through the Ages seem to agree that it is a matter of sudden "Insight" to get a more realistic view of what is going on. Slow, steady, Hard Thinking is not going to get you there in any predictable way.
          I'm reminded of a Mark Twain quote about how Christians congratulate themselves on their beliefs" just because " they are so unbelievable. But a great deal of present "common knowledge" consists of things once considered unbelievable, such as Heliocentricity.

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