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A contradiction within itself-New Age Spirituality

I’m back from a two week holiday in the sticks & I’m causing trouble already!!

Is New age spirituality a contradiction within itself when it judges judgment & the ego as being bad, judgment is bad because it’s of being judgmental & the ego is judged as being bad because it’s of desires according to new age spiritualists.

Isn’t judging being judgmental a judgement therefore bad within itself & to judge the ego as being bad isn’t that being judgemental? So are new age spiritualists actually manifesting the so called bad of the world? You have got to wonder because before they became spiritually aware they didn’t have a problem with egos & judgment & a multitude of other things.

Take the following quote that was recently presented on an internet site “The problem is not enjoyment; the problem is attachment”, enjoyment usually represents attachments of some kind as an emotional human being can’t attach itself usually to something that isn’t enjoyable in some way, this would psychologically be impossible.

I could go on with this but the question is, is new age spirituality a contradiction within itself & is it manifesting/adding to the problems in the world?


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      May 10 2013: G’day Kate

      Yes it’s sort of good to be back if you know what I mean!!

      This is the point, if you are going to voice your opinion in any way that is of the ego, if you are writing books even trying to help others that is of the ego because it’s the ego that makes us interact with others, thank God. I love the ego & judgment because it says I’m alive & alive within myself, I didn’t come here to be some sort of entity void of interaction otherwise why would I came here in the first place?

      I read a while ago on a study that was conducted by scientist on Buddhist monks who meditated daily & Christians who prayed & sung hymns, they all had simular brain activity while practicing in these rituals. The amazing part was in the one singing hymns, the part of the brain that controlled speech totally shut down but other parts of the brain became more active.

      I didn’t find the link I wanted too to show that we still think while meditating but these two links tell a similar story. It would seem we still have some sort of brain activity going on while meditating however it does change somewhat.




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