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What you think about Journalism being shaped up by Social Media in coming days ? To what extent it will change?

Everyone is talking about the power & impact of Social Media in networking, relationship, sexuality, marketing etc..........
What about journalism ? Recently during the people movement Egypt, Iran (prior to Egypt) and other Middle Eastern countries , Social Media showed it power. Almost all majer Media Mughals trying to capture news from the people in the street through social media. So how will it be going to shape up the industry of news media and journalism?
We know there lot of yellow journalism out there. Even if it is not yellow , all the news agency twist the news from their view point. News is a product to them , so they try to twist it in a way so that it sells more. So a huge level of suspicion is prevailing in many minds about any news they are getting through news paper , TV or even through, internet catered by News Media Industry with their host of paid or free lance journalist.

Do you feel it will be changed to a great great extent in near future due to Social Media?
Will the News Agency be more dependant normal people out there in the spot to collect instant news instead of sending their professional journalist?
Will the news be more authentic and believable if it comes through journalist (though there will be individual bias , instead of organized bias of News Agenices) ?
Happy to hear you thoughts.

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    Apr 6 2011: Sorry I wrongly put this as an idea it should be in question section. . Unable to convert it in to question. Why This site is not offering that flexibility can be my next question :)