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In the United States, how can we change/influence politics to allow more people to be represented and have a say in the legislative process?

In the United States there are currently many people who do not have a way for their voices to be heard by the people making the laws for the country. People who live in the US are usually pretty moderate when asked about the issues but we are forced to pick between one extreme or the other. The power to vote is basically a farce when we can only choose between two parties that will not look out for our best interests once in office anyway(with the exception of a few good legislators.) What can we do to change the system and to make our legislators more accurately represent our interests while getting people more involved in the legislative process? Is it possible to craft a better democracy without complete overhaul or revolution?

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    May 11 2013: Rouse people from their ignorance and apathy and explain to them how a Representative Republic with a sovereign Constitution rightly functions. America's problem is not structural, or systemic, it is behavioral. We let self-serving career politicians bribe us to re-elect them, and they do it with our own money! We citizens are not victims, we are self-oppressing whiners.
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    May 10 2013: WE THE PEOPLE have allowed the elected official to determin their own fate. They can vote themselves raises ... they can devise perks .. they can remove themselves from the very laws they vote to govern the people ... such as they have excluded themselves from the Obamacare ... in short they are the elite .. and have become above the law.

    When the people rise up and say the Constitution is the law of the land for ALL citizens and things like Executive Orders are abolished ... government is reduced in size ... and even term limits are imposed ... a balanced budget would then be possable.

    Politicians only fear election results ... They receive money and favor from their position ... politics are the last bastion of pure power and ego.

    I find it very funny that a person can hold a $10,000 dollar a plate dinner so he can bash the wealthy. Now thats funny.

    The general public is indeed complacent and we are being educated (by the party) without the benefit of an objective media. So what is the answer? My solution was to go independent. If enough people fall off of the roles of BOTH parties then the platform will have to change to cover the issues .... not just the song and dance from the only games in town. I refuse to drink the koolade. State your case and I will evaluate and vote ... I refuse to be a sheeple.

    As for the way it is today ... well ... you can't fix stupid ... you can vote them out and make the new people know that they will be gone too if they refuse to represent US not the big donors.

    I wish you well. Bob.
    • May 10 2013: Unfortunately it is not enough for those of us who can see the system for what it is to go independent and hope everyone else will too. The people in the know who oppose the way things are have to believe that things can change and aggressively spread the TRUTH to educate those who are misguided. The misconceptions and blind party loyalty runs too deep for us to be passive. Obviously some of this falls on deaf ears but it is our responsibility to try.
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    May 10 2013: They are a reflection of us.

    We have acquiesced our power to them, and they are co-opted into a cesspool. In other words the tail wags the dog.

    Odds are that the debt will kill this country, the people suffer from complacency

    The only real solution is to create interest and educate
    • May 10 2013: Complacency caused by misdirection and feelings of powerlessness is a huge problem. There is so much misinformation out there that people don't even know where to seek the truth much less what it is.

      What can we do to create interest and educate the currently ignorant?
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        May 10 2013: This as with many things the question is the answer. (at least that is what I read from a fortune cookie)

        In other words the way you create interest and education is to create interest and education.
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    May 10 2013: I don't think we need any sort of revolution here. We do need better political education. However, youth groups exist all over the country that dedicate themselves to involving youth in political functions.

    We need better campaign regulations. We also need to get people more involved in the voting process. Many of us vote for president and totally ignore our state level elections.

    We can elect whatever president we want. If our house and senate become burdened by stupidity the president's capabilities are truly limited.
    • May 10 2013: Political education is a good start but even these youth groups are usually party-oriented rather than issue or philosophy-oriented. We DO need better campaign regulations and money should not play nearly as much of a role as it currently does. PEOPLE and IDEAS should have the power... not dollar amounts.

      Why do you think people AREN'T involved in the voting process? Yes, in some cases it's complacency, but more often it is because we feel that no matter which way we vote the core problems facing our county/state/country will not actually be resolved. There people cannot hold the politicians responsible for not backing up their talk with actions once they are in office.