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Truths and Facts. Does Science prove anything?

There is a great deal of interest of us in examining claims of ‘truths’ and ‘facts’. In such examination there is a noticeable stress on scientifically proven facts which can be taken as fundamentally true. This is possibly because mathematics is the language of Science and we make mistake thinking mathematical proofs to be reflecting the essence of scientifically proven facts.

Does science necessarily prove anything? The way mathematics proves a proposition?

It is surprising that such a basic debate cannot be laid to rest and a conclusion arrived at even after 1934 book by Karl Popper: The Logic of Scientific Discovery.

Alan Moghissi, Matthew Amin and Connor McNulty of Institute for Regulatory Science, Alexandria, Va wrote to the editor of Science (the magazine) disagreeing with Peter Gleick and 250 members of the (US) National Academy of Sciences writing to the editor of Science : All citizens should understand some basic scientific facts. There is always some uncertainty associated with scientific conclusions; science never absolutely proves anything.


Is there an absolutely proven scientific fact?


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  • May 19 2013: You are one of the few that has looked at the web seriously and offered a considered comment. Your perceptive comment "resolve questions completely independent of standard science." has been done in Sankhya perfectly. I am trying really desperately to get Physicist to at least give ONE serious look putting aside there bias for anything Vedic. But I don't seem to know how to awaken their curiosity. Let me pose an extremely serious question."has any scientist or intellectual heard of a theory based on ONLY axioms". I can vouch it cannot and could not have been and so must you.. Next we all know for the past hundred years at least , the entire Physics community has been hunting for the source of the perpetual dynamic power in the Universe and they have come up with no answer. Now I have laid bare an extraordinary algorithm from Sankhya that gives the formula called the Perpetual Harmonic Oscillatory or PHO or the three Gunas in Sanskrit as the eternal motivator of ALL FORCES IN THE UNIVERSE. The proof is also open to all to see if they would that from this PHO state all the Particulate states have been derived without ANY EXTERNAL, EXPERIMENTAL or EMPIRICAL inputs . The Proton, Neutron, Electron, and Neutrino (unknown to Physics yet,) and the fundamental gravitational quantum with 10 digit numerical accuracy and matches Physics findings in all these years. What more can be laid on the table for sincere Physicists to see and take it forward. Vedas, Hindus, Orient, India , are words that the occidental world despises openly and with the money power that rules the ivory tower not a single serious paper of mine on Sankhya has seen anything but the waste paper basket. So I am compelled to point to Sankhyan excellence all the time. I have two proofs . The solar eclipse experiment that says CERN is blundering. A over unity motor I have built to prove energy concepts are in error.
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      May 20 2013: G. Srinivasan said: "...A over unity motor I have built to prove energy concepts are in error. .."

      I would be interested in hearing more about this. Email would be best.

      I'm sure you're familiar with Bill Muller's Overunity Motor-Generator?


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