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Truths and Facts. Does Science prove anything?

There is a great deal of interest of us in examining claims of ‘truths’ and ‘facts’. In such examination there is a noticeable stress on scientifically proven facts which can be taken as fundamentally true. This is possibly because mathematics is the language of Science and we make mistake thinking mathematical proofs to be reflecting the essence of scientifically proven facts.

Does science necessarily prove anything? The way mathematics proves a proposition?

It is surprising that such a basic debate cannot be laid to rest and a conclusion arrived at even after 1934 book by Karl Popper: The Logic of Scientific Discovery.

Alan Moghissi, Matthew Amin and Connor McNulty of Institute for Regulatory Science, Alexandria, Va wrote to the editor of Science (the magazine) disagreeing with Peter Gleick and 250 members of the (US) National Academy of Sciences writing to the editor of Science : All citizens should understand some basic scientific facts. There is always some uncertainty associated with scientific conclusions; science never absolutely proves anything.


Is there an absolutely proven scientific fact?


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    May 17 2013: First of all if the whole question is based on the 'ultimate' truth and facts...then we are perhaps trying to solve something....trying to answer some questions.
    Secondly, 'truth' may appear as an 'answer' but it isn't...it is very close to what one can understand as 'experience'.
    However, our society and civilization has reached this stage where i am trying to explain this very 'truth' on a computer through internet...which clearly is a gift of science.
    So one should not forget or neglect the abilities of science, even if it is about the 'truth' and that is a 'fact'.
    Now, going back to the original question...'proving' here can be viewed as mere influencing people. Majority of the world today, be it a student, working, married, children, old age personalities etc would rather listen to a scientist with 'facts' than an ordinary human who claims to know the truth.
    So, one may ask where does the problem lies?
    In collecting the very 'facts', as there is going to be a war between objectivity and subjectivity.
    What really happens when a scientist starts the work towards knowing the truth and say finds the truth?
    If one(scientist) has found the truth then the very basis was not objective anymore...it was indeed subjective. Now the observations and the so called facts are not even 'real' anymore in the eyes of the very 'science' out in the world. 'Truth' is more like a headache which the scientists gets which no other scientists have experienced before. Its tremendously difficult to explain in terms of science then, simply because the science(other scientists, institutions, organisations etc) haven't got this very headache. If science can prove the headache to another who has never experienced this so called 'headache', then that is what we are looking for in this entire debate.

    So, Yes, science can indeed prove or rather 'tell' the truth, which is at the moment confined to only 'experience'.
    • May 26 2013: Science is "organized knowledge" who's knowledge? GODS knowledge, we have the power over it by understanding it. without the "understanding" we would not have power over it. GOD gave us the understanding in birth for a reason. so we may be at play. think of the universe full of LEGO"S that are smaller than one another and bigger For GOD has gave his children the understanding of them to be at play so his children may put these LEGO"S together to discover and claim. For mankind does not create only discover and claim, "But i speak Thy TRUTH, unless it is written nothing can be created, so be it thy discovery who may claim" Amen
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        May 29 2013: information regarding infinity is knowledge and realizing one being the center of infinity is knowing... You have the knowledge but you don't know... you don't certainly speak truth simply because you don't know the truth... if you're really passionate about seeking the truth then drop everything first and start your journey asap... one can deceive self but cannot deceive the one who knows the truth...

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