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Truths and Facts. Does Science prove anything?

There is a great deal of interest of us in examining claims of ‘truths’ and ‘facts’. In such examination there is a noticeable stress on scientifically proven facts which can be taken as fundamentally true. This is possibly because mathematics is the language of Science and we make mistake thinking mathematical proofs to be reflecting the essence of scientifically proven facts.

Does science necessarily prove anything? The way mathematics proves a proposition?

It is surprising that such a basic debate cannot be laid to rest and a conclusion arrived at even after 1934 book by Karl Popper: The Logic of Scientific Discovery.

Alan Moghissi, Matthew Amin and Connor McNulty of Institute for Regulatory Science, Alexandria, Va wrote to the editor of Science (the magazine) disagreeing with Peter Gleick and 250 members of the (US) National Academy of Sciences writing to the editor of Science : All citizens should understand some basic scientific facts. There is always some uncertainty associated with scientific conclusions; science never absolutely proves anything.


Is there an absolutely proven scientific fact?


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  • May 15 2013: Great reasoning ." This is one experiential paradox because reality is clearly relative."
    Relative to what is the key. Human understanding or actual cause and effect of the event?. Unless Humans understand that cause and effect cycle at that INSTANT of occurrence all comparisons are DELAYED by the cognition process and MUST seem relative. One instant after the evnt it becomes the past and so relative. Hence we are compelled to compare with axiomatic state of the event which then would be simultaneous and REAL
    "In fact the more precise it gets the more it runs the risk of failing to be a true description of reality. I think that is true for any axiomatic system of study including mathematics." The flaw in our human understanding iis the inability to detect the event cycle or the Guna or PHO state cycles. That is why we have the QUANTUM in physics which hides that instant and leads to uncertainty in detection. may I request you to visit my website http://www.kapillavastu.com/index.html where forty years of my research on Sankhya as the acme of unification is detailed in complete detail maths and all.
    The reality is absolutely real for that is the event we experience without ant doubt. But the caveat is that the instant of action of event is 10^-51 seconds of a cycle and we see or detect ONLY a sequence in which 10^16 events or merged or concatenated or simultaneously averaged. Sankhya is 33000 years old and it has its own internal proofs so we can depend on it.
    • May 15 2013: Very interesting! Does sankhya 's axioms leads to so far discovered constants through experiments result in physics & cosmology like planks ,Catalan and also values of proton ,electron,neutron etc precisely without experiment ? Is there a set limits in both observable(detectable) & hidden spectrum eternally which can be prove in laboratory with consistency & accuracy? Truth as "space is empty" in science while 10^-51 precise number from Sankhya suggest different .Isn't it? Can we capture truth as everything in constant movement at micro level ?
      • May 16 2013: Good analysis Nilesh. As you know axioms cannot be disproved (yet) and hence has no human masters. We must bow down to it as it is the foundation of facts in reality. It is always true so it is eternal. Truth is how manifestation occurs and facts are the unchanging foundation that displays manifest phenomena as a kaleidoscope of changing states on an unchanging foundation.A hologram in fact. Lab experiments are a real case of too many cooks spoiling the broth. To know that experiments are correct we need a tool that measures uncertainty --STATISTICS. So how can experiments find the hidden spectrum of activity because it occurs simultaneously and merges behind the first detectable event. In fact statistics is the tool that says how many things cant be found. But man read it another way --that it doe not exist. Facts become fiction if it is not consistent. But in the real world of perpetual harmonic oscillatory states only the resonant states will be consistently detected and the inharmonious states will disappear thus introducing the so called principle of uncertainty.Planck indeed discovered the hidden spectrum but as one cannot count merged simultaneous interactions he called it the quantum , a pig in a poke identification. But that quantum contains 7E+50 interactions /sec occurring WITHIN one cycle. So the quantum hides the darkest matter literally and suspicious scientists have created a way to probe that huge number through conjectures called string, entanglement, ghosts, tunneling and other such theories. There is no need to capture truth. Axiomatic derivations lay it out on the table as precise numbers. How is the Universe doing the same thing so accurately minute after minute, year after year and so on. Its a permanent law an axioms are the only eternal parameters in man's knowledge. So we must succumb to axioms and accept positively space is SOMETHING.

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