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What do you find yourself doing on those sleepless nights?

Many nights I have found that Mr Sleep has forgot about my existence and has left me wide eyed and with extra hours of free time.
On those sleepless nights i usually find myself playing my guitar to accompany the orchestra of barking dogs and wild life outside my house.

Im curious, What do you find yourself doing on those sleepless nights.
Please don't write down "surf the internet" or "youtube" ;) I want to read interesting

  • May 10 2013: Answer TED questions.

    Makes me forget other things an feel like I might have helped someone.
  • May 10 2013: Hi Teddy!
    As a Mom, I've had my share of sleepless nights... but those were not self-induced!

    I always figure, if I can't sleep, there's a reason for it. I am either over or under-stimulated, trying to remember something or worried about forgetting something else.
    My cure for insomnia is to go outdoors. The fresh night air, regardless of season or climate, works wonders on me. Sometimes simply gazing at the stars on a clear night puts everything into perspective. And other times, focusing on my thoughts and turning inward is what I need to find peace, and piece of mind.
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      May 10 2013: Hi Lizanne!

      It must be nice to go outdoors at night when you are sleepless. I have oftened wanted to do the same go for a walk....but around here it's not that safe to do, and the mosquitos wil 'getcha'.

      When under alot of stress and worry I also find that prayer helps me. Turning inward and focusing on your thoughts can be therapeutic. Sometimes by changing your thoughts to positive ones, you find that sleep comes.
    • May 10 2013: Hi Lizanne.
      I have actually done that myself. The night sky is very peaceful.

      Im not a parent. So i cant relate to you there. But you got me thinking about how being a parent effects nocturnal activity.
      Motherhood in particular.
      I do remember my mother being up late at night rearranging things around the house cleaning and looking at photo albums. I would ask her why she was up so late...She would just say she couldn't sleep.

      Maybe my next TED questions should be about that... i would like a better understanding.
      • May 10 2013: Mary, I do consider myself very lucky to live in a miniature forest, where the only 'dangers' are tripping over bikes and toys in the yard! Yes - and sometimes just writing that internal stuff down helps as well - but not in the pitch dark. I've done that, written down thoughts or ideas or dreams on a pad of paper by my bed (have kept one there since I was about 11), but in the morning, it's all chicken scratchings!

        Teddy, I would love to contribute to and learn from a discussion about Motherhood and nocturnal activity! Very appropriate too, seeing as it's Mother's Day this Sunday...
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          May 10 2013: Writing down thoughts is very very helpful...I learned that from a poetry book by N.S. Nye

          She says that if you write down three thoughts every day, you will, over time, come to realize what catches your eye, what you dedicate alot of thought to.

          I tried it for a while....and learned alot about the things I tend to notice....then, I had to change. Because I wasn't liking what I was reading.

          Enjoy your special day on Sunday Lizanne......Although we know Mother's Day is every day isn't it? ;)
      • May 11 2013: I discovered, especially when I was in conflict with myself, that writing down my thoughts (no censoring, no editing), those thoughts became a sort of reality I could work with. I wrote those things down years ago, but am hesitant to read them... for the same reason you said. I don't think I'd like what I wrote either. But at the time, it was extremely helpful!

        It isn't for everyone, though, but when I Googled "why is writing things important?" I got lots of interesting links, including this one:

        Thank you so much for your well wishes! I have a feeling it will a day like any other, where I can rejoice and feel exhausted at the same time!! ;)
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    May 13 2013: The trees speak
    When all fall asleep
    They sway, sigh and lean
    On Creek Row lamp posts

    If you have not seen
    How shadows make love
    To the sodium light

    You have seen nothing
    You, sleepless night
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    May 10 2013: "Please don't write down "surf the internet" or "youtube" ; I want to read interesting stories."

    Ha!! So you want us to lie to you?.....LOL

    It's hard to stay away from the computer isn't it?

    I personally enjoy reading.....sometimes when I have coffee too late in the day....I pay the hefty price of being up past what I consider normal bed time.

    Books are my best companion. I can sit and read 3-4 hours and get lost in a book.

    Other times, like when I am under stress, and I wake up like at 4 in the morning.....I do what every normal housewife usually does....make coffee.....start a load of laundy.....bake some cranberry bread.....sweep.....and wait for the sun/son(along with the rest of the family) to come out.

    It's a bummer when our sleep cycle is thrown off.

    • May 10 2013: I said no internet because i figured that it's what most of us do, but it cant be the only thing we do. :)
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        May 10 2013: Smart :)
  • May 10 2013: Ahhhh! The joys of the late hours.
    I have a screened in front porch with a swing and lying down on it, listening to the night sounds, and just letting go, is a special treat. Sometimes a local cat walks by, seeking a late snack or my friendly owl adds his/her tune to the mix. I can get soooo lost in these moments.
    Does it help me get back to sleep? Yup! Till I fall out of the swing and land on the floor.
    • May 10 2013: Gale, that sounds so lovely! The treat part, not the falling part!
      This makes me think about the concept of 'Day People' and 'Night People' - does a negative sort of sleeplessness happen more to people who are naturally 'Day People'? My husband is definitely a 'Night Owl' and gets more done at night than at day. Me, if I don't get my 8-9 hours, I'm a mess.
      • May 10 2013: I can go either way as far being a day or night person. Being an artist, I like the late hours to do my work, but the day holds many adventures too.
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    May 10 2013: also make phone calls. some different businesses & government agencies are open at odd hours & some of my life-business is with them. Shower & dress. Clean. Sort my papers.