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What turns a "paranoid" into a "prophet"?

Whether an idea or belief appears to be far left, far right or far out, when part or all of it becomes truth does your opinion shift from conspiracy theory to prophet?
How much change in reality does it take? A bit, some, all?
I would like to explore what it takes to create a belief system in something that you began by disbelieving. How much is enough statistical evidence to make your mind shift gears? Or do you find once your mind is made up that no amount of evidence changes your life beliefs?

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    May 9 2013: People may change their mind while they stand in front of you but will never admit it. A person's belief system becomes their identity. When you directly challenge what they believe you challenge who they are as a person.

    Everybody wants to be right. Everybody wants that power of control. The problem is they are willing to ignore truth to continue embracing this identify.
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      May 9 2013: I agree, there is power in our belief systems. When they are threatened we feel lost, weaker, and hold on to them tightly.
      It is painful to change them, for many people.
      Or, some seem to grasp every new thing that comes along - is it because they have less concrete beliefs?
    • May 15 2013: I think Confusius once said that with information we change. In essence this is true and easy to apply in many cases, however changing a thought is much easier than changing a belief. Beliefs are some of the most powerful things on the planet, in both proactive and harmful ways to the society and our environment.

      We are absorbing shit tonnes of information as a species daily and the beliefs that are influenced and are changing is happening as we write here on this post. A belief can be many things and the turmoil created when one changes a belief can be psycho traumatic and devastating to the individual in some instances. Think of a kid when learning Santa is fake, or the Easter Bunny is your dad. Phuck.

      The world is discovering things now daily that we thought was once impossible and has become reality and believable. Thank you Steve jobs and Hubble ST.
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    May 10 2013: generally the people who affect life the most are the mainstreamers, because they do the homework, the grunt work, that leads to change. Once in a while a sicko may get lucky.
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    May 9 2013: public opinion.

    most geniuses are geniuses by popular demand. :)
  • May 10 2013: Time.

    I do not like to think of my mind or opinions being in gears, perhaps a Continuously Variable Transmission. I have opinions and beliefs, but if I am closed minded when I have the opportunity to listen to those of others because my opinions are too strong, I have missed an opportunity to improve myself.

    I am not afraid to voice opinions or share thoughts...as conjecture. The trick in communication to convey both intent and relate you confidence in the statements without over-stating or otherwise misrepresenting the actual confidence level.

    There is a time and a place to speak only absolute truth or things that you are sure are correct, and they should be represented as such. However, there are also times to share thoughts, speculation, conjecture, and hypotheticals. By communicating this type of information, you may spur additional thoughts from others that can correct, add more information, or help you formulate your ideas.
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      May 15 2013: I liked the way you differentiated pure facts from "thoughts, speculation, conjecture, and hypotheticals".

      Thanks, Robert.
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      May 9 2013: In many cases, true.
      But, in the US, our belief systems have divided us sharply.
      The waffling (changing our minds) seems to be almost non-existent. Facts and statistics leave people shaking their head slightly and mumbling.
      What does it take to convert someone from pro or con on a subject?
      Personal experience vs hearing about someone else?
      News media?
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          May 10 2013: Good thoughts to ponder, ZX and Kathleen. :)

          So ... ZX ... tongue-in-cheek response ...

          If I can frame your statement by saying that "your Godwin comment sounds like a Hitler quote", then I gain the advantage by claiming the high ground (moral superiority because Hitler has the bad reputation) and that puts you on the defensive. Right?
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    May 9 2013: I think that Malcolm Gladwell idea of a "tipping point" is useful.

    At first I might reject an idea, but I might then gradually think about it in new ways.

    At some point it captures my fuller attention and I ponder it frequently.

    The, suddenly, it becomes MY idea ... and I've "tipped" from one side of the fence to the other.
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      May 10 2013: Bob - how logical!
      I think we should always be willing to change - to grow. How that happens and what makes it happen seems to be different for us all.
      How it is presented doesn't matter as much to me, who says it doesn't always count - but the idea that it becomes "mine" that is a truth.
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        May 10 2013: That's exactly how it feels to me, Kathleen ... when it becomes "mine", I consider it to be "truth".

        That begs the question I guess I must always ask myself ... "Do I love the idea merely because it's mine, or would I call it "truthful" even if I disagreed with the logical consequences of it."