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What turns a "paranoid" into a "prophet"?

Whether an idea or belief appears to be far left, far right or far out, when part or all of it becomes truth does your opinion shift from conspiracy theory to prophet?
How much change in reality does it take? A bit, some, all?
I would like to explore what it takes to create a belief system in something that you began by disbelieving. How much is enough statistical evidence to make your mind shift gears? Or do you find once your mind is made up that no amount of evidence changes your life beliefs?


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      May 9 2013: In many cases, true.
      But, in the US, our belief systems have divided us sharply.
      The waffling (changing our minds) seems to be almost non-existent. Facts and statistics leave people shaking their head slightly and mumbling.
      What does it take to convert someone from pro or con on a subject?
      Personal experience vs hearing about someone else?
      News media?
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          May 10 2013: Good thoughts to ponder, ZX and Kathleen. :)

          So ... ZX ... tongue-in-cheek response ...

          If I can frame your statement by saying that "your Godwin comment sounds like a Hitler quote", then I gain the advantage by claiming the high ground (moral superiority because Hitler has the bad reputation) and that puts you on the defensive. Right?

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