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What is the role of the student in the classroom today?

Much conversation has taken place regarding the failure of education and the failure of the teacher in the classroom. What role does the student have in their own learning as he or she travels through the education system? Or does the student play any part in their own education? Does the student hold any responsibility in the failure of education?

In a perfect world, what would the ideal student look like in today's world?

Specific examples are most appreciated rather than general thoughts and assumptions.

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  • May 11 2013: American Indian author/educator/professor, Four Arrows, offers REASONS for why schooling fails true goals AND offers ways to achieve them.

    In his new book, endorsed by such notable educators as Noam Chomsky, John Pilger, etc., entitled, TEACHING TRULY: A CURRICULUM TO INDIGENIZE MAINSTREAM EDUCATION. After exposing hegemonic basis for curriculum and standards, he offers complementary and proven teaching and learning approaches that Indigenous cultures used for thousands of years prior to colonization. His internationally recognized work and his provacative and engaging presentations make him an ideal candidate for a TED talk! Go to amazon.com to see why so many major and noted thinkers say that Four Arrows book may be "our last chance.

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