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An exchange of ideas and views on the challenges of "Creative Teaching and the Common Core"

1. My question is, Why is "Creative Teaching" a challenge for many teachers in this time of the "Common Core"?

2. How can we help teachers embrace the notion of creativity in their teaching?

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    May 13 2013: Standards, by definition, are minimal student expectations. A standard also strives for uniformity or sameness. Sadly, curriculum written to satisfy uniform, minimal student expectations does not foster creativity.

    To free creativity at this time, teachers need to incorporate project-based, interest-driven lessons that only satisfy standards as an afterthought.
  • May 23 2013: I had an opportunity looking into one of the topics in the "Common Core" teaching materials. At least that part is completely unrealistic and not easily comprehensible for the students in that level. So, in addition to watering down the benefit of student learning a standardized set of basic knowledge, it made a "pothole for the teachers to teach the topic by a smooth drive". If the "Common Core" is just for the students to pass the standardized test, I would suggest that the teachers should teach the mandated materials, but improvise with a little of innovative/creative reasoning to accompany the materials in the CC.
  • May 9 2013: Hi Christopher!
    I happen to be asking myself these questions too, as I'm working on an idea for a creative educational program right now.

    Could it be, that teachers who have been teaching for so long, have become so comfortable with the methods they learned 3 or 4 decades ago, that they are less open to new, more creative methods of teaching?

    I have met some incredibly creative teachers right here on TED, who truly have embraced this notion, and whose ideas and insights are innovative and inspiring. It gives me hope that there are so many who are changing education as we speak, simply by their enthusiasm.