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Are we living the capitalism big-bang ?

During the last 150 years, global economy have growth significantly, but are we living the end of this model, is the debt crisis the first step of an important period of slump?

It is sustainable an eternal economy growth, or have we learn how to live on slump environment?


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    May 10 2013: I don´t think this is because of the free market, if you see how work, for example the currency market, it´s everything but free market, if you analize the global market it´s not a free market at all, so we are not, and we never have been on a free market.

    And in fact i belevie in free market. Anyway, i say that it´s not possible to growth indefinably, every year the world growth less than the previous year, and this is becoming a tendency.

    Can we face the end of petrol, the incresing laboral cost in China, the decandence of europe, with the same capitalism model?

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