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SATs & ACTs as preparation for College and the Real World?

As a junior in high school, I am filled with loads of things to do and things I want to do. As freshman and sophomore, I hadn't done much as those are easy years, and I, as many other students too, still hadn't decided what I like to do and want to do. But now as a junior, my schedule is loaded with things to do, just to enter college we create an appealing identity to make myself noticeable and suitable for the college I want to go to. Students like me spend time in many extracurricular activities such as sports or clubs, spending time to help out our community, maintaining our grades, and on top of that studying for AP tests, SATs, and ACTs. And we do this all just to enter college, and that list doesn't even include any free time or things we like to do on our own, our own adventures.
But why do we do such much just to look appealing for colleges? I understand that colleges have a tough time selecting millions of great students, but how do SATs and ACTs help in real life. For example, if I wanted to be a doctor, what do SATs and ACTs have to do with my life as a doctor? Some math and English comprehension might help, but those are basics, I could be spending my time researching and practicing what I am interested in.
Why should students spend so much time just to prepare for college, if the education in college and after matter so much more?

  • May 20 2013: i need help for sats for my student really
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    May 9 2013: I think the reason the SAT/ACT are in use is not that those tests somehow prepare you for life but rather that there is a high correlation between reaching a certain threshold score on those tests and doing well in college. As I remember, big parts of the SAT are vocabulary, which is related to your ability to read college materials fluently without looking up every word, reading comprehension, which also goes to whether you can read both for the literal superficial meaning and for the deeper meaning, and basic high school math, which is a measure of preparedness for the most basic science subjects.

    The SAT takes, I think, three hours. Why don't you just look over directions on a practice test so you are familiar with the test format and then take the test? A half days prep and then three hours of a test.
  • May 9 2013: Old SAT I only had one friend who earned a physics degree with an SAT under 1300. Now the test has changed. These tests are truth tellers for college as lord knows what games that your Junior High and High School are playing.
    • May 10 2013: That's true and a good point of view, thank you!