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What's the point?

The premise: Art is an excuse for pseudo-intellectuals who are poor in math to be cynical. Popular designers seek 'innovation', 'green', and 'poignant' style to hide the item's lack of practical application. Technological 'advancement' is the poor trading food and selling daughters to get cell phones. We 'gotta have our guns' so when the gov't comes with fighter jets, missiles, aircraft carriers, and smart-weapons we can defend ourselves. I stand by my political party because when they're wrong they're still right. The homeless, incest-victimized, hungry, non-insured student should score the same on tests because they have the same opportunity as any other kid. The gov't lowers home interest rates by 2/3 so I can pay more in taxes, but won't lend the money. We're outgunned, outclassed, and outsiders from the decision-makers so let's just give in, go with the one-world gov't, let the super-wealthy have their way with us, and settle for a latte, a day off, and the trinkets of least cost production


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    May 18 2013: Every question is useless when 'one' knows 'whats the point'.
    One can keep asking questions and others can keep throwing answers... It's a never ending loop.
    It's a never ending loop because both the sides don't really know 'whats the point?' .
    So, clearly if one wants to know 'whats the point', the individual needs to know the 'truth'.
    Any more word I add is hindrance towards this 'truth'...
    simply because it does not belong to the language of words...it belongs to language of silence...

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