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Can we ever know if parallel universes exist?

Any type of answer is acceptable, I'm just trying to contemplate this.

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    May 9 2013: the entire notion of a parallel universe annoys the hell out of me. in a physics theory, you can name your objects as you see fit. it does not have to make sense. so if the term "parallel universe" exists in a physics theory, it is a stupid choice of name, but hey, better than "strawberry universe".

    the problem arises when someone, physicist or other, attempts to take the term seriously. at this point the silliness of the term becomes apparent. universe is by definition everything there is. there can not be things outside the universe, because as soon as we get to know about something, it is immediately part of the universe.

    now one can hypothesize things "existing" but is not and never ever will be accessible or observable for us. but this is nothing but playing with words. what is the difference between something existing but never observable, and nonexisting and never observable? this is meaningless. and if there is any chance that we will ever get in contact with that object, it is part of The Universe, and not parallel to anything.

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      May 9 2013: I am impressed with your growing list of annoyances.
      It is true that 'parallel universe' as physics proposes is not exactly like another train on the other side of my window but to say it is just a choice of name will take some serious arrogance.
      There are things that exist and you can never access it. You are missing one important element called simultaneity. The space time is so curved between you the sun that you can never observe the current sun but it may be wrong to say sun does not exist right now. This is existing and never observable.
      But Yahweh was never observed and it is highly probable that he never existed.
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        May 9 2013: arrogance is criticizing my comment with your level of understanding
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          May 9 2013: I see. You are a member of TED elite club, I suppose. Please go back to your earlier post with your level of understanding and check it for common decency. You have doubted the sincerity of the question (duh) and that is against the basic spirit of TED conversation. Your annoyance and diatribe adds nothing in this conversation.
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        May 9 2013: at least nothing you can make nothing out of it.
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    May 9 2013: If you are ready to give up the common notion of The Universe (the Ms Universe kind) we know that parallel universes are very likely to exist, at least there are logical interpretations possible that indicate that all possible alternative histories and futures are real each representing an actual universe.
    This follows from denial of universal wave-function collapse and is not main stream of the interpretations of Quantum Mechanics along the line of Copenhagen interpretation.
    The caveat is that one should not discard the idea altogether as this is a very happening branch of science.
  • May 9 2013: No Also, in another Ted talk or Huff Post. Someone sent me to a Physicists talk that suggested in a different time we could only see a Universe that has changed to give us a different apparent answer. Godspeed.