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For non-US TEDizens: Can you tell us about your country's education system?

This week's special on American TV, "TED Talks Education," focuses on problems in US schools.

So here's the place for non-Americans to share: What's an issue in your country's education system that you'd like to see a TED Talk about? Who would you ask to speak? Do you have any success stories to share?


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    May 20 2013: I am from Pakistan: I work in a public organization responsible for the professional development of public school teachers.
    Like the other countries mentioned in this conversation, our education system also faces the same issues regarding the accessibility and the quality of education. Our government schools provide free education from Grade I to X. The new National Education Policy also lays emphasis on the establishment of Early Childhood Education in public schools.
    The eligibility criteria for teachers’ selection in public school are almost the same as practiced in India. Private schools do not demand professional teacher education courses for selection. There is no system of teachers’ professional development in most of the private school. On the other hand, in public system, the newly recruited teachers are given induction level training and then they take continuous in-service professional development courses.
    But problems regarding quality education are more severe in public schools and in middle class private schools as compared to high-fee demanding elite private schools. The later ones have systems of check-n-balance and feedback over teachers’ performance. The second major cause of poor quality education in public schools was textbook-based teaching. In 2006, revised educational curricula laid emphasis on child-centered (inquiry-based) teaching/learning. The new textbook policy 2009 introduced Multiple Textbook System in which textbook boards (formerly responsible for the development of all textbooks) are to establish a competition among private publishers and then to select and adopt the best developed textbooks. In this way we are having better quality textbooks which will divert teacher-centered learning to child-centered.
    Our revised educational curricula also emphasize on changes in the examination system. As per the new curricula, the examination systems are required to develop questions related to higher order thinking and application of knowled

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