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For non-US TEDizens: Can you tell us about your country's education system?

This week's special on American TV, "TED Talks Education," focuses on problems in US schools.

So here's the place for non-Americans to share: What's an issue in your country's education system that you'd like to see a TED Talk about? Who would you ask to speak? Do you have any success stories to share?


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  • May 18 2013: Hi Aja:)Being a teacher,I really like my teaching job very much.So I must keep thinking:what is the so called:education often.even though I often been tortured by the question:)
    China is such a large country:)I meant it's population.Meanwhile China is also a such country which has long long history.I have to say:we are deeply educated by our history culture.
    A few days ago.We complained again about our educational system just focus on exams orientation.We tried to discuss frankly if there is any better way to get a balance in our country's educational system.The result is:all have to admite:so far,we still need to keep on the same orientation in education system...it concerns a lot.I think I am not capable to discuss it clearly yet,I still need to keep on seeking,thinking...Because it isn't just about eduation system,it concerns a lot...
    Anyway I always feel it deserves to keep on thinking,never enough...thanks for the offer of topic.
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      May 18 2013: Hey, how is going? I think you should try it anyway!
      What kind of exam are you talking about? Those ones to get in college (like S.A.T for the U.S and blah blah blah), because if that's what you are talking about, that is the same issue that we have in Brazil, the colleges forget that we have a life out of school, we are based merely on a test that tests more than 13 subjects.
      People may say that that's good because very selective, but it is "dumb", those tests are great for robots, we have to memorize every formula, every rule, and we cannot use a calculator. The problem of those tests are that they cannot measure leadership, social work or anything that is not related to a pencil and a paper.

      Best regards, Pablo.

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