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For non-US TEDizens: Can you tell us about your country's education system?

This week's special on American TV, "TED Talks Education," focuses on problems in US schools.

So here's the place for non-Americans to share: What's an issue in your country's education system that you'd like to see a TED Talk about? Who would you ask to speak? Do you have any success stories to share?


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  • May 13 2013: The Netherlands

    As a US expat living here who has raised 2 children, I have experienced both systems. Although the Netherlands still scores relatively high on math and reading skills of primary and secondary school pupils, in the past decade the system has become increasingly "Americanized." The policies of center-right governments have eroded the professional status of teachers (measures included lower salaries and reduced qualifications). The result: despite high unemployment among recent college graduates in general, a severe shortage math, science and engineering graduates is now strangling industry in the Netherlands. I assume that this is at least partly due to the lack of qualified science teachers in secondary education and a lack of basic science skills among primary school teachers. They impart the information needed for pupils to pass the standardized exams, but fail to provide the inspiration that leads students to a choose a university education in science or engineering.

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