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What companies utilize corporate social responsibility to compliment business strategy and gain competitive advantage? Does it work?

Is csr actually effective at bringing greater returns to businesses that truly embraces the model. I feel like many companies "play" the part of being socially responsible and environmentally sustainable but are in reality not living up to what society needs from such powerful organizations with such enormous amounts of leverage over the whole of activities governing humanity.

Im not talking about checking csr off a list, im talking about deeply understanding and executing a holistic effort to care for and better the conditions of this planet and its inhabitants. Is this too much to ask for? Does the nature of business not permit such policies. Does the rise of developing nations, increased populations, and use limited resources require a radical redefinition of industry business models or do you think that what is being carried out in the corporate world now is satisfactory. If not who is liable to bring about change?

Lots going on above, but hopefully you get the core of this issue. Contribute any thoughts you have its much appreciated.

  • May 9 2013: American law is sort of like Dodge vs. Ford Motor Company Okay that's a Michigan Suprene Court case, but it was the one that I remember from the University of Texas School of Law in the '70's.