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What theological implications does the "Psychology" and "Neuroscience" (and possibly biology) of religion (or "God(s)") have?

I'm very interested in people's opinions on this matter.
I would just like to say, as I have said in the past, this debate is not to make mockery of "God". It is just honesty enquiry.
Yet as I have explored with my other debates in the past, it seems we must first define (or describe to the best of our limits) what we mean by "God(s)" and "Existence". Otherwise the debate "Does God exist?" becomes slightly meaningless.
Now that's done.
I was reading much about the psychology of religion, and found that due to articles like :
“Thinking Style and Belief In God” - Art Markman
Link : http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/ulterior-motives/201208/thinking-style-and-belief-in-god
"We are programmed to believe in a god" by Jesse Bering.
"Is God an Accident" by Paul Bloom :
that had many theological implications!
And made me think :
- There is a strong correlation with a "Theory of mind" and belief in God. Animals don't really have a "theory of mind", does this mean other animals can't experience "God(s)"?
- Psychologists can now artificially create a "God experience", Doesn't this make the "Religious experience" argument rather dubious?. Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y02UlkYjSi0
And there are probably many more Tedsters could think of!
However I do think it is worth mentioning that :
As Justin L. Barret said, that the psychology and neuroscience of religion (God) doesn't (dis)prove that God isn't real. For it wouldn't make much sense if a God who wanted to be in a relationship with us, didn't give us the ability to conceive such a God.
Another great quote by him :
"Having a scientific explanation for mental phenomena does not mean we should stop believing in them. “Suppose science produces a convincing account for why I think my wife loves me — should I then stop believing that sh

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      May 18 2013: "Evolution not needed!"
      What do you mean by this?
      If I was Christian, I would view it was "God's" way of "wiring" in a "God instinct".
      I agree with you on the culture shaping the perception of a "God".
      However what is to suggest one (culture's) perception of "God" is better than another one?
      Yet I do have a problem with the perception of God being Omni-benevolent due to the "problem of evil". While it is worth mentioning I don't believe we have "free-will", and even if the "free-will" argument was correct. Then it still doesn't explain natural disasters! Yet I am still open to being convinced.
      Also I have problem with the perception of a God being "Omnipotent". (Defining Omnipotent being "all powerful"). Due to this logic.
      - (This could be an assumption) An all powerful being should be able to do anything.
      - Could it make something which defies logic (or in other words which is impossible) such as make a "square circle" or (the classic) create a boulder it could not lift?
      I personally think these are important (logical) paradoxes which needs dealing with.
      Also the five arguments I have studies (for the existence of God) don't seem very logically valid.

      One big question (I may have asked you this before) is :
      How do you know that God "warns us about liars", "we have in our relationships he also leaves to us"? I find this very hard to believe that you "know" what God is like...
      However, what is "God" in your opinion? (Or "existence" for that matter?)
      Kind regards,
      P.S Phew! Hopefully that will provide some food for thought.
      While it is worth mentioning. That I find the God of the Bible has a very odd way of revealing himself (is it even a he?) to the world. Considering he does it through Christ, and then that gets recorded in a book.
      Now my question is:
      Why did God make that book so hard to inter pet? Why do we need such people as "biblical scholars" to understand it? Why not make it simple?
      What happened to everybody before God revealed himself?
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      May 19 2013: Dear Don,

      I have no way to connect with god, as it is totally unclear to me as what you are referring to.
      Do you mean that you can direct yourself to an imaginary girlfriend and talk to her?

      As for the claim that people who assume there is no god are liars... I think that you are accusing a lot of people without any good reason.

      Are you really dogma-free?

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