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Mac vs Windows OS: One Size Fits All?

With regard to the Mac and Windows Operating Systems, it is clear that designers make assumptions about your values, choices, and the ways in which we relate to our interfaces.
What assumptions about you are embedded within the program? As a user, how are you affected by these designs?
How do the designs (aesthetics as well as usability) of the Apple and Microsoft Operating Systems affect the way you relate to the OS?
How do the designs of these Operating Systems affect the way you interact and communicate with others in the physical world?


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  • May 12 2013: The general assessment of Mac vs. PC is that Mac is generally overpriced compared to the parallel PC, but it does give you slightly better function. However, my decision to go PC is not only based on cost savings, but my perception of the company. Mac has been known for incredibly bad practices, treating their customers like sheep. For example, you aren't allowed to crack their phone to use an app you made, you need to go for their approval first. They refused to use the worldwide mini USB port, preferring to create their own brand instead (and of course making you buy their ridiculously overpriced charger). This forces you to live within their world, buying their own products. Yes, they get better quality control, but they are killing what makes computing great in the first place!!! They are killing user contributions. Even as someone who barely programs in this field, I refuse to support a company whose mission statement depends on isolation and brand creation rather than improving the world of computing. I don't see a "Steve Jobs" foundation.
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      May 12 2013: Thank you, Vigi, for your response! Not only because I am happy that you contributed, but also because I could not agree more! The "worldwide mini USB port" situation is hugely frustrating, and goes against a pivotal aspect of the Hacker Ethic (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacker_ethic), that code/technology should be open for everyone to impact/improve it. In short, I use Windows because I like it better, but now that I've gotten more into coding / exploring the computer and interface, I appreciate so much that I can see the back-end of my Windows OS, which is not available for the Mac OS.

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