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Can gaming characteristics be used a a means of reaching a broader range of students in a class

As a facilitator of education or learning the hardest part is to assure to can communicate your message effectively to an entire class or group, yet a video game like Call of Duty can reach a target audience of 13.93 million who can pick up its intricacies with minimal instruction and self education to compete on a global level.

Are we as facilitators missing out, in that our audience has progressed to a new approach to understanding and should we as such not create a more versatile curriculum based around the involving and intuitive approaches to gaming to better reach our audiences.

sound, graphics, background and setting, duration of game, rate of play, advancement rate, use of humor, control options, game dynamics, winning and losing features, character development, brand assurance, and multi-player features, etc.


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    May 8 2013: I have seen the reintroduction of rote learning through digital technologies and that is about all (the best part is pointing that out to educators and watch some of them deny, deny, deny - "oh no, rote learning is so last century").

    This gaming business is really only introducing a fun element to instruction. I like to think of it as the softening of the curriculum. Making school fun doesn't necessarily go hand in hand with effective (and some people will also point out that there are other ways to make education engaging without resorting to video games).

    I have seen many schools getting excited about introducing tablets and so on into their programme and then I have seen students playing games. That's about it.

    The concern here is: do students really engage with this sort of edutainment they way we assume they do? Watch a younger student deliberately click the wrong answer to watch the results (possibly just as effective as selecting the right answer). Do they actually figure out the what and the why of what they are gaming/studying or is it all rather surface?
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      May 10 2013: So if i understand, in essence your saying that the for the as user could effectually use any open tool to learn in variety of ways a learning facilitator would be essential and training validation would be of the utmost importance?

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